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New Indie Book Release: The Alchemy of Noise (Lorraine Devon Wilke)

New Indie Book Release:
The Alchemy of Noise - Lorraine Devon Wilke
Contemporary Literary Fiction (353 Pages - April 2019)

The Alchemy of Noise ventures beyond the humor and pathos of family drama explored so cleverly in her first two novels to dig deep into the politics of contemporary culture. At its heart a love story, it explores the complexity of race in a suspenseful drama driven by issues of privilege, prejudice, police profiling and legal entanglements, and the disparities in how those provocative themes impact the various and diverse characters involved.

"Wilke’s prose is cautious and empathetic, probing at the edges of politeness, taboo, and uncomfortable truth. . . the directness and openness with which the author explores the topic, as well as its continuing relevance, make this a novel that will still read as daring to many." - Kirkus Reviews

About the Book

The Alchemy of Noise (Lorraine Devon Wilke)
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In a world so full of lonely people and broken hearts, Chris Hawkins, a black sound engineer from Chicago’s south side, and Sidonie Frame―white, suburban-raised, the head manager of one of the city’s most elite venues―meet by work-related happenstance and fall quickly in love, convinced that by that act alone they can inspire peace, joy, and happiness in the world around them. The world, however, has other ideas.

Unexpected reactions amongst family and friends on both sides of the racial divide create conflict.

Day-to-day tensions, police disruptions, and the microaggressions Chris persistently encounters as a black man in the gritty environs of Chicago become a cultural flashpoint, challenging Sidonie’s privileged worldview and Chris’s ability to translate unfolding events. After a random and gut-wrenching series of police encounters shakes their resilience, it’s the shattering circumstance of a violent arrest―one in which Chris is identified as a serial vandal and potential rapist―that sends their world into free fall.

He claims his innocence; she believes him. But forces pushing against them are many and oppressive. With a looming trial, the dissipating loyalties of key allies, and unforeseen twists triggering doubt and suspicion, Sidonie and Chris are driven to question what they really know of each other and just whom to trust, leading to a powerful and emotional conclusion.

About the Author

Author Lorraine Devon Wilke
Author Lorraine Devon Wilke
Lorraine Devon Wilke's writing resume includes over a decade as a political/cultural contributor to HuffPost and other popular media/news sites. Her articles have been globally disseminated, reprinted in books, articles, and academic tomes, and she continues to write cultural essays and commentary at her blog, and select media sites. Her two previous novels, After the Sucker Punch and Hysterical Love, are awarded, well reviewed, and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and select bookstores. Her highly anticipated third novel, The Alchemy of Noise, was published in April 2019 by She Writes Press.

In addition to her writing, Lorraine works frequently as a singer/songwriter and actress, while her "semi-professional" hobby of photography has seen her work exhibited on many a gallery wall. Links to all her work, writing awards, and other details of her creative background can be found at

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