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New Indie Book Release: The Road Home - Mackenzie's Redemption (Hilary Smith)

New Indie Book Release:
The Road Home: Mackenzie's Redemption - Hilary Smith
Contemporary Women's Fiction (218 Pages - March 2019)

The Road Home: Mackenzie's Redemption touches on spirituality. The Coleman children are all believers of Jesus Christ however for different reasons they have lost touch with the Lord. In this installment Mackenzie’s faith is tested. Everything she has tried has failed...

About the Book

The Road Home - Mackenzie's Redemption (Hilary Smith)
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It has been two years since Lucy’s disappearance.

The search for Lucy and the daughter he’s never met is on. The more Damien learns about Lucy and her dealings the more he realizes he didn’t really know his wife. Damien is faced with a choice to find them or let them go. Will he make the right choice, for the right reason?

The dust has settled, and Mackenzie has a sense of normalcy. Until one night away from Samuel she runs into an old flame. In the city of sin. Las Vegas. Several months later he tracks her down. Kamil Lucas wants more than Mackenzie’s body. In a past life Mackenzie was a computer hacker. It’s this skill that Kamil needs now. However, he recognizes another need and plans to exploit Mackenzie.

After a random coupling with Kamil, Mackenzie realizes she’s gone too far. In a half effort to contain the situation she confesses to Samuel. However, Kamil isn’t done, and he convinces Mackenzie to do one last job: hacking three banks in one night.

Before Mackenzie can complete the job, she’s hit with another surprise: She’s pregnant. Is this the end for Samuel and Mackenzie? Can Mackenzie savage her marriage and her soul through the love of Jesus Christ? Has she learned enough to trust in the Lord, or will she lose everything she worked so hard to build?

About the Author

Author Hilary Smith
Author Hilary Smith
Hilary Smith was born in Cincinnati Ohio, to James and Jeannine Smith. Growing up the family moved from project housing developments to project housing developments. In 1992 her second-grade teacher challenged her to elevate above her upbringing and to use her imagination to see beyond what she was surrounded by.

Hilary graduated with a GED from Cincinnati Public School and attended Cincinnati State Technical Community College. Where she attempted to study business but soon discovered, although she excelled in the classes, she had no real interest in making it a lifelong career. Instead, she focused on liberal art classes such as History and Literature. Using what she learned, she began to outline the plot of her first novel Saving Lucy.

Hilary is single and lives in a small apartment in Kentucky not far from her family that still resides in Cincinnati. Hilary works in retail by night, and by day she is a writer.
She is currently working on her next novel.

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