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New Indie Book Release: Status: MISSING (D. W. Maroney)

New Indie Book Release:
Status: MISSING - D. W. Maroney
Thriller (306 Pages - March 2019)

Status: MISSING is based on real-life events with a little bit of conspiracy theory and high-tech speculation woven in to create a plausible explanation for the unexplainable, raising the question, could it be done?

About the Book

Status: MISSING (D. W. Maroney)
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No one believed it was possible to commandeer an airliner in flight from a land-based location, then Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean, giving rise to The Drone Theory among U.S. intelligence agencies. Since that fateful flight, dozens of other airliners have gone missing without a trace. Is it coincidence? Or is there something sinister at work?

The Drone Theory Taskforce has one directive: Determine whether U.S. Top Secret technology—lost when a CIA drone went down in Iran—is being used to hijack airliners in flight, and if so, recover the technology.

Air Force Intelligence Officer Major Megan Sloan doesn’t believe in coincidences. She’s determined to get her hands on the technology and the person(s) responsible for this current reign of terror.

When a U.S. Government jet carrying top-level officials to Guam is rerouted mid-flight to Pyongyang, The Drone Theory shifts from supposition to cold, hard reality. The stakes have never been higher. Will they locate the source of the signals controlling the aircraft? Will Major Sloan be in time to recover the technology and return control of the plane to the flight crew before the incident escalates into World War III?

About the Author

Author D. W. Maroney
Author D. W. Maroney
As a young student living in the suburbs of Dallas at the time of the Kennedy assassination D. W. Maroney grew up on a steady diet of conspiracy theories. To this day, D.W. still loves a good mystery and believes the truth of any event lies somewhere between the eyewitness accounts and the historical retelling.

D.W. admits to being the only student who paid attention when the school librarian explained the use of the card catalog and other research materials. Where others saw only tedium, D.W. saw clues that would lead to fascinating facts hidden within the tomes and periodicals lining the shelves. During downtime, D.W. enjoys sorting through piles of musty old papers, scouring the depths of the internet, and looking for the one thing everyone else has overlooked.

D.W Maroney is a USA Today Best-selling author of genre fiction, and is a member of The Authors Guild, Liberty State Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers.

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