Friday, February 15, 2019

New Indie Book Release: Stolen Time (Jenn Lees)

New Indie Book Release:
Stolen Time (Community Chronicles) - Jenn Lees
Dystopian Time Travel / Romance (315 Pages - January 2019)

Stolen Time is set in a dystopian near-future where time travel is possible and survival, resourcefulness and love are tested.

About the Book

Stolen Time (Jenn Lees)
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The stock market crashes, surpassing the dive of 2008, and continues to slide. The world descends into a dystopian chaos as banks close, homes are repossessed, jobs are lost, and companies fold.

The world is turned upside-down and with it the life of young Scottish nurse, Caitlin Murray. She awaited bright prospects, now just surviving is her number one issue.

During the ensuing violence a handsome, capable, and brave military-type stranger takes her to safety. Scott Campbell knows a lot about her… and her apparent destiny.

Can Caitlin trust this guy who seems the only safe option in the violence and chaos? Should she stay with Scott and believe his outlandish claims of time travel and her own fate as a leader in a very different world?

Scott is prepared to protect Caitlin and ensure she survives to their future, mentoring her to be the resourceful, skilled, and passionate leader he knows her to be.

Hidden away in Glencoe with Scott in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, danger and hardship await Caitlin. She’ll be hardened by loss and softened by love.

But is Scott telling Caitlin the whole truth?

About the Author

Author Jenn Lees
Author Jenn Lees
Jenn Lees writes time travel in dystopian future Earth and beautiful but damaged fantasy worlds in the midst of conflict. Where heroes blissfully ignorant of their potential, rise to the challenges before them.

An Australian writer, she has travelled extensively and lived on three continents. Scotland remains her source of inspiration. She loves walking through a forest and climbing a mountain to experience the view.

Her only disappointment in life is that time travel is not possible...apparently.

Her first book in the Community Chronicles series, an eBook novella, The Crash (2019), sets the scene for the dystopian future Jenn writes of.

She lives in rural Victoria, Australia with her husband Frank. Their five adult children are scattered around the globe.

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