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New Indie Book Release: Never Knew (Maria Elena Martinez)

New Indie Book Release:
Never Knew - Maria Elena Martinez
Suspense / Thriller (264 Pages - January 2019)

Never Knew is about Lexi, who quits her job as an illustrator to go run her grandfather's hotel but her new career choice doesn't go as planned. It's full of intrigue, love, murder, lies, and so much more...

About the Book

Never Knew (Maria Elena Martinez)
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Lexi has given up her career as an illustrator to run grandpa Candelario’s hotel because he has gone missing and is believed to be dead.

Lexi believes she can trust Mark, her grandfather’s accountant and an old friend from elementary school. Staying in contact hasn’t been easy but he always sent her messages through her grandfather.

However, Mark might not be the person she remembers.

Lexi needs to start trusting the right people in order to keep herself safe in this suspense about friendship.

About the Author

Author Maria Elena Martinez
Author Maria Elena Martinez
Maria Elena Martinez lives in Coral Gables, Florida and cares for her Cuban mother, who is disabled.

When Maria Elena is not behind the computer, her time is spent with her mother and the rest of the not so small family. Her Shichon dog, Minnie, keeps her active and entertained. A cup of Cuban coffee is a must at least once a day. And, following her dream to be a writer was inspired by her father, who was a lover of literature, classic movies, and music.

Maria's Favorite Quote: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." - Edgar Allan Poe

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and on Twitter: @Ma_EMartinez

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