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New Indie Book Release: Orphans of Liberty (Nathan S.M. Knapp)

New Indie Book Release:
Orphans of Liberty - Nathan S.M. Knapp
Near-Future Thriller (295 Pages - December 2018)

Orphans of Liberty is a near-future thriller, situated in between our world and a dystopia. This 5-Star Novel combines action, comedy, and a fast-paced plot, with a complex and nuanced consideration of unsettling trends in contemporary society.

About the Book

Orphans of Liberty (Nathan S.M. Knapp)
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The United States nearly bankrupted itself fighting terrorism. Traditional law enforcement failed. In order to protect its citizens, the government launches the Counter-Terrorism Bounty Hunter Program. Independent citizens arm themselves, using high-tech surveillance and militant tactics to hunt down suspected terrorists. Only the winners get paid.

Omar Issa is a rising star in the Program; capturing terrorists, dead or alive, with seeming ease…until his name appears on the List. Forced to run for his life, Omar’s last hope is a mismatched team of fugitive hackers and a militia of survivalist hicks. Together they will fight to uncover the truth about the List and take down the Program.Orphans of Liberty is a near-future action thriller.

In Knapp’s world of heart-pounding car chases, hilarious paranoid conspiracy theorists, and dark revelations about the twisted politics in this possible America, innocence is irrelevant and the "truth" cannot be trusted.

About the Author

Author Nathan S.M. Knapp
Author Nathan S.M. Knapp
Nathan S.M. Knapp is an author, educator, and baseball fanatic. His short fiction has appeared in the literary magazine One Throne and the short story collection "Death and Pestilence." His short fiction has been nominated for the Journey Prize (a national literary award for debut short fiction).

His debut novel, Orphans of Liberty, is a near-future thriller.

Originally from Canada, he currently lives in Central Florida.

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and on Twitter: @nathansmknapp

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