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New Indie Book Release: Two Months and Three Days (Tatiana Vedenska)

New Indie Book Release:
Two Months and Three Days - Tatiana Vedenska
Contemporary Romance (357 Pages - August 2018)

Two Months and Three Days is a mixture of 50 Shades of Grey and a detective story. Deeply emotional, emphatic and steamy read with a spirited romance for adults. A brilliantly crafted love story that explores themes such as joy vs. happiness, belonging and identity, naivety vs. experience, family bonds and relationships.

"This is not your traditional romance book. It has very unusual and fascinating elements [...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Two Months and Three Days (Tatiana Vedenska)
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As a 19-year-old, Arina, a student of the Veterinary Medicine University in Moscow and a vet clinic worker, wanders into Maxim’s photo exhibition, the only son of an oligarch and a photographer of expressive art, the air is immediately charged with sexual tension.

She is struck by the cruelty and violence that is erupting from his world. He is dazzled by her innocence, beauty and aloofness.

Maxim is a handsome, talented, sophisticated and rich man. Somehow, he cannot think of anything but her. He offers her a contract for the next two months and three days.

Therefore, somewhere in the grey zone between art and burning passion both Arina and Maxim start on a life changing romantic adventure by connecting Moscow, Berlin and London.

However, apart from the fancy art exhibitions, expensive restaurants and private jets she, step by step, uncovers Maxim’s dark and dangerous past and understands that everything comes at a high price. Moreover, all Arina and Maxim’s friends and both families insist on end their relations.

About the Author

Author Tatiana Vedenska
Author Tatiana Vedenska
Tatiana Vedenska is a well-known romance novelist in her home country of Russia. She has written more than forty unique stories, and both love and relationships are her favorite subjects because of their universal nature. She thinks that there is nothing more important than happiness. Therefore, she loves to explore this phenomenon from different angles. She is fond of conducting literary experiments in which she mixes different genres. When you can pull Tatiana's fingers from the laptop, you will find her drinking coffee while chitchatting with people, listening to their stories.

After having been through a difficult adolescence, she considers her path and achievements in literature to be a real blessing. To date, she has sold millions of copies worldwide with several of her books being adapted into film in Russia. Tatiana is also the creator of the project "School Of The Bestselling Book" in Moscow, a radio podcast on how to write a bestseller. Moreover, she is involved in script-writing and other art projects. Currently, she lives in North Carolina (USA) with her husband and her 3 kids.

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