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New Indie Book Release: Kiran - The Warrior's Daughter (Ellen Stellar)

New Indie Book Release:
Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter - Ellen Stellar
YA Science-Fiction / Fantasy (371 Pages - August 2018)

Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter is a space opera romance by the ‘Fantasy writer of the year 2017’ that cannot be missed. Kiran’s story is a mixture of The Hunger Games with sparkling humor and a little bit of Sci-Fi.

"I highly recommend this Sci-Fi Romance tale about a young woman resisting to and challenging her ancestral traditions.[...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Kiran - The Warrior's Daughter (Ellen Stellar)
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Kiran, a flirtatious space cadet, is planning to become one of the most successful starship captains ever. Her life is all about organizing illicit races and gambling. After being kidnapped she is sent to her home planet. Later Kiran is forced to marry the mightiest warrior by the right of the strongest.

Many girls have dreamt, at least once of being, a princess, but being a princess of Eeristan, the khassarat of Aygor, is a big deal. This is not about fancy dresses, diamond tiaras and palaces. Eeristan is the land of men – the land of a strong patriarchal society where women have no rights at all.

She will never accept this.

Kiran will run away back to her freedom and lifestyle. Her restless soul won't abide either her cruel father or her potential husband. No matter how difficult it might be to confront the whole planet. They might be stronger physically but she is a cadet, after all, and cadets never surrender! Too bad that Eeristan might not survive the changes that she desires strongly.

About the Author

Ellen Stellar is the most well-known Romantic Fantasy and Sci-Fi writer in her home country of Russia. Her degree in both History and Psychology, combined with her storytelling skills add new layers to her writing. She is a true sensation in Russia, widely read and discussed. She has written an impressive number of 63 books, with 583 thousand copies sold.

Each book series is unique since the author excels in combining different genres and crafting together in one narrative detective plot lines, battle scenes, scientific facts and sophisticated psychological drama. Each of her books is both light-hearted, humorous, romantic and dramatically complex.

Her talent reaches far beyond Russia's borders, and her literary work is currently being translated in different languages such as English, Italian, Bulgarian.
Currently, she lives with her husband and two daughters, preferring a life of peace and quiet over exhausting media attention. She is careful not to reveal her identity.

Her first novel "Dancer in the Night" was published in 2009 and gained instant success due to her light-hearted approach to writing and fascinating plot lines. She quickly gained recognition among major publishers in Russia such as Tsentrpoligraf and Alpha-book.

Since 2012 "Eksmo", the largest Russian publishing house published more than 30 of Ellen's books. Her bestselling series include Academy of Malediction (2014), Right of the Strong, Mortal Games, Terra, and The Adventures of the witch.

Given the popularity of the author, her growing loyal fan base, and talent, she has released her own series in 2016 called The Stellar Mood, dedicated to her fans who have repeatedly claimed that her writing is elevating. Her writing is uplifting, gripping and encouraging. She is the founder of the genre Romantic Fantasy and Romantic Sci-Fi in Russia.

As her penname suggests, she is a true star! Ellen is a critically acclaimed and awarded author. The social network LiveLib (the equivalent of Goodreads) listed Ellen Stellar's books as the number one in the "Reader's Choice Award" contest in both 2014 and 2015.

According to LiveJournal, she occupies the seventh place in the list of the fifty most popular Science Fiction writers in 2015. She is listed among the top ten most widely read and popular Russian science fiction writers.

In 2016, she was nominated for the award "Fantasy of The Year" in Russia as the science fiction author with the highest sales, making her the first female writer to ever enter the list of nominees for this award.

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