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New Indie Book Release: GRIMORICON - Pathway to Terah (B.D. Suever)

New Indie Book Release:
GRIMORICON: Pathway to Terah - B.D. Suever
Fantasy - Mid-Grade / YA (186 Pages - November 2018)

GRIMORICON: Pathway to Terah is about a young boy who finds a mysterious book and is magically transported to the world in the book. He must find an ancient artifact to get home. Evil forces are also in search of the artifact as well as the boy so he and his friends must find it before they do.

About the Book

GRIMORICON - Pathway to Terah (B.D. Suever)
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A mysterious book leads to an adventure of a lifetime...

Twelve-year-old Ethan knows it all, and if it doesn’t involve fantasy or video games, he isn’t interested. On a trip to an antique store with his father, Ethan comes across the mysterious book, Grimoricon. Unaware of the secrets this book holds, Ethan soon finds himself in the unfamiliar world of Terah, a world that brings to life all the wondrous and terrifying things from Ethan’s fantasy books.

Aided by a teenage huntress named Nera and her bear companion, Ethan must travel through this unfamiliar world of magic, danger, and intrigue all in an attempt to find his way back home.

However, dark forces have learned of Ethan’s arrival and are seeking to capture him before he can find the doorway between worlds. It will take all of Ethan’s courage and the help of his friends to overcome this enemy and open the doorway.

About the Author

Author B.D. Suever
Author B.D. Suever
B.D. Suever lives in a world where magic and monsters exist around every corner. At least that’s what his mind tells him.

So, who is he really? Well if you ask his kids he's dad, if you ask his wife he's the spider killer, if you ask his mom he's her favorite child (don’t tell his sister). As for himself he'd tell you he's a world class genius on the brink of making magic a reality.

At a young age he was always drawn to fantasy whether it be in books, games, or toys. They all allowed him to expand his mind and imagine a world of his own. As he got older B.D. Suever began to write and create the worlds in his head for others to experience. Now he is ready to present those ideas he has to the world.

As a freelance writer he has had featured articles showcased on He is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

When he's not writing, you can usually find him spending time with his two wonderful kids, watching the latest movie or playing the latest video game (he must keep that imagination fueled somehow).

Connect with B.D. Suever via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @bdsuever

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