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New Indie Book Release: Survivors of the Sun (Mia Kingslie)

New Indie Book Release:
Survivors of the Sun - Mia Kingslie
Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (681 Pages - August 2018)

Survivors of the Sun is a story that is at once terrifying, gripping, and completely believable. It is a beautifully crafted triumph of human achievement and courage. As you follow Georgia, you find yourself riding a tidal wave of emotions alongside her as she attempts to overcome the seemingly impossible when her world changes dramatically after what appears to be a global terrorist attack...

- "Mia Kingslie’s novel is a must read for all “Millennials”. It has an easy-to-read style that is hard to put down. Full of twists and turns, this well researched story will keep you wondering – could this really happen? And if so, have I got a survival plan? " - Reader Review

About the Book

Survivors of the Sun (Mia Kingslie)
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It should have been just another ordinary day for Georgia. Her husband, Nathan, had left early for work and his children, Jamie and Rebecca, from a previous marriage, were due to go back home that afternoon. Afterwards, Georgia realized that she hadn’t noticed if there had been anything unusual about that day. There may have been a greenish tinge in the air and the sun may have seemed a little brighter than usual. But the only noticeable disruption to Georgia’s plans for the day, came in the form of Deedee, her sister-in-law’s young, precocious daughter, who arrived unexpectedly to be babysat while her mother was at the dentist.

The first indication of an event was the sudden breeze that sent a chill through Georgia that morning and a feeling of unease deep down. Then, while working in the basement, her three dogs began whining. Next there was a crackling noise and Jamie’s hair stood straight up. Finally, the lights went out and she was in total darkness. Outside there was total silence.

Have you ever wondered what might happen if the power grid of an entire country was sabotaged… and not only the power grid, but every transmitter and device that we so readily take for granted?

Mia Kingslie’s novel, “Survivors of the Sun” is a classic story of survival for the 21st century and beyond.

The characters are just like you and me; ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. They will prompt you to question; how would I survive? What if the entire infrastructure of a nation had been eliminated in just seconds: transport, communication, emergency services, appliances and every single electronic device across the country. Could you survive? It may be the result of a terrorist attack or an environmental disaster. The result is the same; societal collapse.

About the Author

Author Mia Kingslie
Author Mia Kingslie
Mia Kingslie has always been fascinated about the human response to apocalyptic scenarios and in her book, ‘Survivors of the Sun’, she explores the day to day responses of the ordinary person living in an ordinary urban setting. She writes the kind of books that she would like to read herself.

An avid world traveler, Mia uses her experiences of living and working in Europe, United States and the South Pacific region to build characters that lead you on exciting journeys and leave you wondering what will happen next.

Mia Kingslie is married and has two boisterous dogs, and an extremely bossy cat that just moved in one day. A goldsmith by day and a writer by night, Mia also enjoys renovating houses and establishing productive gardens for friends and neighbors to enjoy.

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