Sunday, September 23, 2018

New Indie Book Release: Rise (David Probert)

New Indie Book Release:
Rise - David Probert
Dystopian Thriller (319 Pages - September 2018)

Rise is a heart-pounding adventure novel from the Blades and Bullets series. A moving and exciting story that gives its readers a glimpse into a terrifying future.

About the Book

Rise (David Probert)
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After spending 2 years in an underground shelter to escape the horrors of a collapsing society, Zuri Kilpatrick and her sister, Lynn, are forced to emerge in search of supplies.

But the world has drastically changed. Technology has run rampant and all law enforcement has been disbanded, there is no protection from the monstrosities that now roam the earth. When Lynn is taken captive by a ruthless band of human traders, Zuri finds herself forced to navigate the hostile and treacherous new world in a fight against time to rescue her sister.

Not only must Zuri adapt to a new way of life, but she must reach deep within to find a hero that lies dormant, a hero just waiting to rise.

About the Author

Author David Probert
Author David Probert
David Probert is a just a regular guy with a day job, but at night he turns into something else... a writer.

David writes Horror / Thriller Fiction, and because of this, he is solely responsible for his own restless nights.

He resides in a rural town just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. When he's not writing, David loves spending time with his family, reading, watching movies, and being outdoors.

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