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Featured Indie Book: Queen of Swords (Jerry Lambert)

Queen of Swords (Jerry Lambert)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Historical Fiction / Suspense Romance Queen of Swords by Jerry Lambert.

Queen of Swords is a mix of adventure, suspense, horror, and romance, which makes the novel an unusual blend. A Recommended PageTurner.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 324 pages - released in September 2018.

About the Book

Georganne Blaylock is a successful young interior designer in New Orleans who takes the gamble of a lifetime as she and her business partner leave the Big Easy to renovate an antebellum mansion in bayou country.

Georganne fights her feelings for Jeffrey Huston, the brilliant architect, even as the ghosts from the past began to reemerge. When she uncovers a century old mystery, will she find a fortune in lost emeralds or will she become collateral damage in someone else’s game?

One fateful night, it all rides on the turn of a card.

Queen of Swords (Jerry Lambert)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "This was a fun read with interesting characters and a couple of twists I didnt see coming. The descriptions were so well done that I was pulled in pretty quickly. I was definitely impressed that this was a first novel. I love the setting in the deep south and I love antebellum mansions and voodoo. I really felt like I was transported there. [....]" - Amazon Customer

- "As a very avid reader who combs the local library weekly plus book of the month clubs, I have high praise for Jerry Lambert and his first novel Queen of Swords.
Full of action, love and suspense, Queen of Swords had me from the very first page. For a first novel by Jerry Lambert it is a fun read with lots of descriptive words to captivate you to the South with it's magic and voodoo. The characters come alive in the way Mr. Lambert portrays them so perfectly. I truly picture a movie version of this book.[...]"
- Marian Jensen

- "A tale of mystery, ghosts, family rivalry and lost jewels. Started reading as soon as I got it and was able to finish within 24 hours. An exciting and easy read; the action was well paced and easy to follow. A good read while sitting by the pool, on the deck of a cruise or on the beach." - Scott Nelson

About the Author

Author Jerry Lambert
Author Jerry Lambert

Jerry Lambert is an American writer and producer from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Born and raised in the south he currently resides in that sunny place for shady people, Las Vegas.

He and his husband Scott are parents to dachshunds. He reads and travels in his spare time...and has no spare time.

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Queen of Swords (Jerry Lambert)

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