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New Indie Book Release: Tribute - The Cleaners (Chris Knoblaugh)

New Indie Book Release:
Tribute (The Cleaners) - Chris Knoblaugh
YA Horror (216 Pages - April 2018)

In Tribute (The Cleaners), the author successfully weaves both reality and the supernatural into a story that both adults and young adults will enjoy.

"[...] I enjoyed it enormously. Ms Knoblaugh has a compelling and enjoyable writing style, and I liked meeting her characters very much." - Reader Review

About the Book

Tribute - The Cleaners (Chris Knoblaugh)
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When twelve-year-old Miguel’s gang member Papa makes promises to Santa Muerte in 2005 San Jose, someone in Miguel’s family loses a soul.

This time, Miguel's brother Juan was the target, but the trouble is Miguel won’t let Juan’s spirit go.

The resulting paranormal possession attracts demons, doppelgangers, and an ancient soul slayer from the depths of Hell — all of whom must be vanquished if Miguel is to live.

Miguel must choose to release his brother or lose yet another loved one, for the bargain was made with Santa Muerte and the price must be paid.

About the Author

Author Chris Knoblaugh
Author Chris Knoblaugh
Chris Knoblaugh runs Dancing with Words Tutoring along with her husband, Mark Dooley. She currently teaches English at a middle school in south San Jose, California.

Her interests have expanded to include self-publishing and blogging.

Her blog,, is structured to help reluctant students learn to be comfortable with writing.

She and her husband live in California with more books than necessary and two rescue kitties.

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