Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Indie Book Release: Becoming (Jourdyn Kelly)

New Indie Book Release:
Becoming (LA Lovers) - Jourdyn Kelly
(Lesbian) Contemporary Romance (320 Pages - July 2018)

Becoming is a hot & spicy lesbian romance from the author who wrote Fifty Shades of Pink.

"[...] it's a true love story. I laughed a lot, I cried too, I got angry and then relieved, the author put her emotions in this and it brought mine out too. I couldn't put it down - I want more!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Becoming (Jourdyn Kelly)
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Can a Dominant allow herself to be dominated? Can a woman who defies authority allow herself to submit? Will love come out on top in the end?

You met Rebecca and Cass in Fifty Shades of Pink. Now get Rebecca's perspective of their first meeting and see her journey to BECOMING Mistress.

Rebecca Cuinn lost control of her life once before, and she spent many years learning how to take it back. As Mistress and owner of an exclusive BDSM club, Rebecca now had control by the balls. She wasn’t about to lose it again by falling in love. Unfortunately, her heart wasn’t playing by Rebecca’s rules. She always was a sucker for androgynous, sexy women. But did the one that threatened to make her break all her rules have to be so young?

Cass Giles defied authority. So, when she was dragged to a BDSM sex club for a bachelorette party, she refused to let go of her judgments and have fun. No way she would submit to someone who’s sole purpose was to hurt you. Just wasn’t her scene. That is until that “scene” included the mysterious Mistress. Now Cass was willingly breaking the rules just for a taste of Mistress’s punishment. But it wasn’t just Mistress she wanted. She wanted the woman underneath the mask. And she would do everything she could to prove they were meant to be.

About the Author

Author Jourdyn Kelly
Author Jourdyn Kelly
Jourdyn Kelly has been in Houston, Texas, writing novels and designing websites since 2009. She loves being captivated by books that lead her into different, exotic places, and through impossible scenarios. She loves being able to become someone else for a time. Reading has always inspired Jourdyn to bring her own characters out to play.

Jourdyn's hope is that her writing will inspire others, or at the least, give them a way to escape from everyday life for a little while.

If Jourdyn is not writing or reading, she's training for triathlons. She finds it to be a good way to challenge her body the way she challenges her brain when writing. She may not be the greatest athlete, but not only does she do it for the challenge, she does it to raise money to help #EndAlz. It's good motivation.

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