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New Indie Book Release: The Ghost Between Us (Pete Nunweiler)

New Indie Book Release:
The Ghost Between Us - Pete Nunweiler
Paranormal / Suspense Thriller (252 Pages - June 2018)

The Ghost Between Us is where paranormal romance meets suspense thriller. It will grab you from the very first page and won’t let go until the last.

"I read this book in less than 48 hours because I couldn't put it down. It is incredibly descriptive and it's very easy to place yourself in the scene. I love raw emotion, mystery, the paranormal and suspense, this book has it all. Read won't disappoint. [...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

The Ghost Between Us (Pete Nunweiler)
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Toby and Anna Miller were a perfect couple. Romantic, passionate and truly best friends. When he loses her after a car accident, he takes a leave of absence from work to carry out his promise to Anna and moves to the "Forever House" in the mountains of Tennessee. It's their dream come true carried out by one.

Soon after he settles in, he hears strange noises in the house but brushes them off until his realtor, Alex, shares a dark secret with him and he learns of her heartbreaking connection to the house. Over time, Toby and Alex become closer.

As a paranormal enthusiast, Toby no longer dismisses the strange noises and tries to connect with the entity in the house. His research begins with simple closed-ended questions and progresses to full conversations through EVPs and a Spirit Box. Toby's increasing obsession with the paranormal builds an obsession with the ghost, sparking a forbidden love triangle.

Will the entity keep Toby and Alex apart?

About the Author

Author Pete Nunweiler
Author Pete Nunweiler
Pete Nunweiler is an emerging multi-genre author whose talent includes motivational self-help, a memoir and fiction. He has the keen ability to capture emotion in his writing through relatable characters and experiences.

He’s able to do this successfully with more than fifteen years of leadership and leadership development, eighteen years of training experience and his core belief to try everything possible in life because you don’t know what you’re going to like.

Pete is originally from the village of Springville, NY, then Lititz, PA and currently resides in Indianapolis. He is married to his wife, Kris who is the co-author of How Much Water Do We Have: 5 Success Principles to Conquer any Challenge and Thrive in Times of Change.

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