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New Indie Book Release: Reversed - A Memoir (Lois Letchford)

New Indie Book Release:
Reversed: A Memoir - Lois Letchford
Non-Fiction Memoir (285 Pages - March 2018)

Reversed: A Memoir illustrates how easily children can fall into the educational abyss, and why we must understand that not all children learn the same way. Readers will laugh and cry, cheering for those often sidelined in our society. Nothing is impossible when one digs deep, and looks at students through a new lens.

"Read this book and you'll be challenged by questions about traditional teaching methods, measures of success and failure and what shapes how we view ourselves." - Reader Review

About the Book

Reversed - A Memoir (Lois Letchford)
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A journey from “the worst child in 20 years of teaching,” to Ph.D., Oxford University.

When Lois Letchford learns her son has been diagnosed with a low IQ at the end of grade one, she refuses to give up on his future. Testing showed Nicholas had no spatial awareness, limited concentration, and could only read ten words; he is labeled "learning disabled," a designation considered more derogatory than "dyslexia."

The world of education is quick to cast him aside. Lois begins working with him one-on-one. What happens next is a journey--spanning three continents, unique teaching experiments, never-ending battles with the school system, a mother's discovery of her own learning blocks, and a bond fueled by the desire to rid Nicholas of the "disabled" label.

Reversed is a memoir of profound determination that follows the highs and lows of overcoming impossible odds, turning one woman into a passionate teacher for children who have been left behind.

About the Author

Author Lois Letchford
Author Lois Letchford
Lois Letchford specializes in teaching children who have struggled to read, working with students of all ages in Australia, England, and Texas.

Her creative teaching methods vary depending on the reading ability of the student, employing age-appropriate, rather than reading-age-appropriate, material. She holds a Master’s in Literacy and Reading from the State University of New York at Albany and has presented her work at The California Reading Association, Michigan Summer Institute, and New York State Reading Association conferences.

She is co-president of the Albany City Reading Association and a member of the Australian College of Education.

"Reversed: A Memoir" (Acorn Publishing), the story of her son’s—and her own—learning disability, is her first book.

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