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New Indie Book Release: Death In Vermilion (Barbara Elle)

New Indie Book Release:
Death In Vermilion - Barbara Elle
Mystery (273 Pages - May 2018)

Death In Vermilion has a cast of female characters as only a woman can write them with realism, but without sentimentality. Readers are drawn into a world of women that marries absurdity and menace, in a ‘Hitchcockian’ voice that’s sarcastic, yet sympathetic.

About the Book

Death In Vermilion (Barbara Elle)
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The greater crime may be betrayal, not murder.

“There was no glance more cutting or cruel.”

Those eyes belong to artist Leila Goodfriend, momentarily distracted from laying down the bones of a painting by Iris McNeil Thorton, the noisy, unlikeable artist in the studio upstairs. When it turns out the thuds were Iris' dead body hitting the floor, Leila becomes obsessed: who murdered Iris?

The other Red Barn Cooperative artists—competitive, jealous and hypocritical—are all prime suspects. They all hated Iris. “An artist owes his life to his art,” Iris said. Iris was good for a laugh.

But no one is laughing now.

About the Author

Author Barbara Elle
Author Barbara Elle

Barbara Elle grew up in Boston, but as an adult became a New Yorker.

Barbara loves writing about people and places she remembers, so Death In Vermilion is set on Cape Cod, a place of many memories.

She continues collecting memories and places, traveling the world with her touring musician husband, whether exploring Buddhist temples in Beijing, crypts in Vienna or Kabuki Theater in Tokyo, in search of new stories to write about. She invariably packs a notebook and her laptop.

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