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Featured Indie Book: The Rules (Mary Arthur)

The Rules (Mary Arthur)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Mystery / Suspense Novel The Rules by Mary Arthur.

The Rules is a mystery and revolves around the lives of several people and how they are ultimately inter-connected. The story starts right off and keeps going until the end. There are many back-stories that give each character a three dimensional appeal.

The Book has been published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 360 pages - released in April 2018.

About the Book

Carly Mancuso was blindsided when her boyfriend tried to kill her. She didn't know what changed him. Then that night when the alcohol left him at death's door, to her horror, she felt relief. She might finally be able to get away. But Nicky was strong, determined, and obsessed--a lethal combination. His threats are subtle at first, but soon, they become something she cannot ignore. The problem is no one believes her.

As Nicky hovers near death in the ICU, Suzanne, his nurse, recognizes him to be a man from her past, although he has changed his name. His reappearance into her life could cost her everything she's worked for. She knows she cannot allow this to happen.

The Rules (Mary Arthur)
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Detectives Gallagher and Shaker stumbled across a body that had been in the river for a long time. Identification was a laborious process. Motive was another obstacle--they had none. However, as Carly’s safety becomes too compromised, she takes her concerns along with her discoveries to the detectives. They realize the information they have each unearthed make the pieces to the puzzle fit.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Great read, hard to put down. Interesting characters and story. Good details. Fresh new author spins a great tale leaves you wanting more. Can't wait for more from this author." - Penelope Shimchick

- "This new author was able to grab my attention from the very beginning. The story provides interesting and relatable characters and unexpected twists and turns that make it hard to put down. You will be hooked like I was!" - Elena Cobleigh

About the Author

Author Mary Arthur
Author Mary Arthur

Mary Arthur has been writing for most of her life. The Rules is her debut novel.

She currently works as a respiratory therapist and has recently earned a degree in psychology.

She resides in Connecticut with her two cats –Murray and Frankie.

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The Rules (Mary Arthur)

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