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Featured Indie Book: Tunnel of Time (Jeannie Chambers)

Tunnel of Time (Jeannie Chambers)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Mid-Grade/Time Travel Novel Tunnel of Time by Jeannie Chambers.

Tunnel of Time is a middle grade time travel/historical fiction debut novel. Three sisters get lost in a county fair ride that lands them in other times/places in history. This book gives readers just a taste of different characters from history, some of whom they've heard of, others they're meeting for the first time.

The Book has been published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 256 pages - released in October 2017.

About the Book

Do you think it's possible to be one place one minute, and then a completely different place the next?

I'm talking a REALLY different place.

My name is Gracie Hitt, and I did just that along with my sisters, Lizzie and Reba Dee. A normal Saturday at the County Fair turned out to be the most extraordinary time of our lives.

Tunnel of Time (Jeannie Chambers)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "It was like a journey through time, reminiscent of a classic Jules Verne tale, sure to make you feel like a kid again." - Jessica Reis

- "Praise for Jeannie Chambers and her excellent writing. An outstanding story, full of interesting facts and a plot to immerse the reader in a fantastic journey across time." - Arlene Messier

- "What a great learning and fun adventure. Just when I think I know my history, a terrific book like this comes along and I learn something new again. [...] This would be a great book for youth aged children and for schools looking to encourage children to fall in love with reading." - Tes Bauer

- "Tunnel of Time is a thoroughly captivating book for middle school readers! The children's voices are authentic and the context is exciting. The plot moves quickly as the children come into contact with prominent historical figures throughout time. What a great way to learn history! Loved every word! Excellent!" - Sara (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Jeannie Chambers
Author Jeannie Chambers
Jeannie Chambers lives in a small resort town in the mountains of western North Carolina. She partners with her husband as a real estate broker and vacation rental manager, but when she looks in the mirror, she sees a mother, grandmother, dog whisperer, time traveler and much more.

Her parents told her more than once, “You can go anywhere in the world you want, any time you want, just by reading a book.” Her sense of direction is a little off, but she doesn't mind getting lost if it’s in a good story.

Her goal is to write stories that make you think without being taught, and tickle your inquisitive bones where the only way to satisfy the itch is to read more and more. Be sure to follow her on social media and her website to catch up on her latest book news.

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Tunnel of Time (Jeannie Chambers)

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