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Featured Indie Book: The Darkness in Dreams (Sue Wilder)

The Darkness in Dreams (Sue Wilder)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Paranormal Romance Novel The Darkness in Dreams by Sue Wilder.

The Darkness in Dreams (Calata) is a fast-paced blend of Paranormal Romance and Action Thriller. A story of lovers who come together lifetime after lifetime, tied through ancient magic. They must face each other before facing an enemy they can’t avoid.

The Book has been published via Amazon and is available as eBook - 453 pages - released in March 2018.

About the Book

There were some tragedies that never should have happened but did…fragments of past lives that should not be remembered...

Galaxy North had what everyone wanted: freedom, with no socks to pick up. She lived in a small town on the Oregon Coast, and if her life was lonely, it was also safe…until the dreams began.

Christan was Immortal. An enforcer.

The origin myth for the most feared creature in the ancient world and yet he could not rid her from his mind. Demolish her memory. Forgive her sins…and his own.

The Darkness in Dreams (Sue Wilder)
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Christan has sworn that he will ever need her again—but then he’s forced from his exile to confront the rising danger from a common enemy. Christan must face the woman who has always been the other half of his soul. Lexi must accept the impossible, embrace who she really is, and finally reclaim the love she has been finding and losing in endless lifetimes.

The Darkness in Dreams is the first in a sizzling and action-packed mix of paranormal romance and action thriller, the first in the Enforcer's Legacy series, stories filled with past lives, forgotten love, and immortal warriors.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "An enthralling tale…Wilder’s story is fast-paced, and her shifter enforcers are grand fun to watch. The Darkness in Dreams is highly recommended." - Reader's Favorite

About the Author

Author Sue Wilder
Author Sue Wilder
Sue Wilder is an author living in the Pacific Northwest.

She first discovered the power of story as a child living in California, when she was caught starting a grapefruit war in a neighboring orchard. She managed to absolve all her cohorts from guilt and has since moderated her behavior.

She now writes romantic paranormal fiction for a more mature adult audience, bringing to life the characters who intrigue her.

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The Darkness in Dreams (Sue Wilder)

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