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Featured Indie Book: The Guardians of Eastgate (Sherry Leclerc)

The Guardians of Eastgate (Sherry Leclerc)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Fantasy Novel The Guardians of Eastgate by Sherry Leclerc.

The Guardians of Eastgate is about a world divided, whose different peoples must come together to stand against a dark force that threatens them all. The story follows the main character’s journey as she gathers allies and battles evil.

The Book has been published via Ternias Publishing and is available as eBook, Hardcover and Paperback - 240 pages - released in February 2018.

About the Book

Sterrenvar is a fantastical, magical realm divided by differences, where the humans, sorcerers, and numerous shifter species keep mostly to their own kind.

When a group of seers are warned through visions of an evil, dark sorcerer intent on ruling the realm, seer champion Maelona Sima must set out for Eastgate to defend a magical keystone that can help protect the realm.

Along the way, she must gain allies and convince the differing peoples of the realm to stand together as one to save their world from its biggest threat in three-thousand years.

The Guardians of Eastgate (Sherry Leclerc)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] I was impressed with the complexity and variety of the story line. The author expertly combines elements of romance and mystery into a suspenseful read, that includes an array of compelling characters. The romance between between Maelona and Blaez was intriguing, and lends to the emotional appeal of this novel, but the story is punctuated by some intense fight scenes. If you're looking for fight scenes that are realistic, Sherry Leclerc has a third dan black belt in Taekwondo, and her expertise is apparent. I loved traveling with Maelona on her journey and can hardly wait to meet the next champion. You will be sure to enjoy this book if you enjoy magic, sword & sorcery, action, adventure, and romance." - Thomas Anderson

- "[...] Leclerc’s book is a fantastic fantasy novel accented with the inevitable threat of evil and darkness confronted by a ragtag group of “heroines and heroes”. Since this is the first book in a series there is a sense that there is plenty more story to come. There is something for everyone though, between world building, action and romance between Maelona and Blaez." - Literary Titan

- "Interesting story full of magic. The characters are well written and the premise is great." - Cleocutie (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Sherry Leclerc
Author Sherry Leclerc

Sherry Leclerc is a science fiction and fantasy fanatic who lives in magical realms where swords and sorcery, action and adventure, seers, shifters and sorcerers abound.

A teacher and mom by day, and an avid reader and writer by night, Sherry has a B.A. in Language and Literature as well as a B.Ed.

She also has a third dan black belt in Taekwondo, which comes in handy for writing realistic fight scenes.

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The Guardians of Eastgate (Sherry Leclerc)

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