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New Indie Book Release: Midnight Secrets (Ditter Kellen)

New Indie Book Release:
Midnight Secrets - Ditter Kellen
Paranormal Romance (187 Pages - January 2018)

Midnight Secrets is full of angst, steam and draw dropping scenes, guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat.

- "I commend Ditter on her ability to weave a paranormal fairytale in such a way that you forget that vampires and shifters aren't real. The characters have depth and personality and the storyline draws you in. Ditter Kellen's books are also a wonderful escape from reality. [...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Midnight Secrets (Ditter Kellen)
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Simon Le Blanc is a two thousand-year-old, tall, dark and snarky vampire. Since the slaughtering of his family centuries before, he has spent his entire undead life avoiding his maker—and anything to do with love—at all costs. That is, until he meets Madison Wilson. No one can push his sarcastic buttons quite like the infuriating redhead. But when Simon’s maker sets her murderous sights on Madison, Simon vows to protect the fiery-haired beauty at all costs. Even if it means his life.

Madison Wilson is strong, efficient, and sassy as hell. Employed by a vampire, she’s been around enough supernatural creatures to know she wants no part of Simon Le Blanc. He’s sarcastic, sadistic, and sexy as sin. But when he risks his life to save her from a dark stranger, Madison quickly finds herself in his debt—and in his arms.

Now she’s in a predicament she has no control of. With her life and her heart on the line, Madison does the only thing she knows to do—run. But there’s nowhere she can hide from the blue-eyed vampire or the feelings he ignites within her.

About the Author

Author Ditter Kellen
Author Ditter Kellen
Ditter Kellen is the bestselling author of the Enigma Series. To say she's addicted to reading is an understatement. Her eBook reader is an extension of her and holds many of her fantasies and secrets. It's filled with dragons, shifters, vampires, ghosts and many more jaw-dropping characters who keep her entertained on a daily basis.

Ditter's love of paranormal and outrageous imagination have conspired together to bring her where she is today...sitting in front of her computer allowing them free rein. Writing is her passion, what she was born to do. Readers enjoy reading her stories as much as she loves spinning them.

Ditter resides in Florida with her husband and many unique farm animals. She adores French fries and her phone is permanently attached to her ear.

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