Saturday, December 16, 2017

New Indie Book Release: The American Pearl (Peter Gilboy)

New Indie Book Release:
The American Pearl - Peter Gilboy
Thriller (420 Pages - December 2017)

The American Pearl is about an American woman left behind in Vietnam and is trying to leave the country. However... the government doesn't want her to come home.

"This is a captivating story that brings together, in a seamless manner, elements of different genres into a well-accomplished novel. I had the feeling of navigating between different genres without being distracted. The story has great psychological and emotional depth, with characters that are so wonderfully explored, action that grows in intensity, and characters that are memorable. " - Reader Review

About the Book

The American Pearl (Peter Gilboy)
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Why they still won't let her come home.

THE AMERICAN PEARL tells the 2006 story of QUINTYN AMES, a troubled government researcher who--on his honeymoon--inadvertently discovers that a female soldier left behind at the end of America's most notorious war, may be still alive and held.

PATRICIA PAVLIK has been fighting her own war for the last 34 years--fighting to stay alive and still trying to come home.

Both action filled and gut wrenching, AMES' pursuit of the truth brings him face-to-face with his own lies, as he is determined to find out why the government doesn't want her to come home; and then, against all odds, he fights to bring her back.

About the Author

Author Peter Gilboy
Author Peter Gilboy

Peter Gilboy is the author of 3 other novels.

He is a former ditch digger, bartender, short order cook, soldier, counselor and academic. He has been in jail only once.

Peter almost always takes his meds.

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