Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Indie Book Release: Brain Damage (J.A. St. Thomas)

New Indie Book Release:
Brain Damage - J.A. St. Thomas
Young Adult Horror / LGBT (274 Pages - November 2017)

Brain Damage is a YA Horror with a strong LGBT main character that explores themes of grief and loss both psychologically and supernaturally. Brain Damage blends the sometimes irrational and always very real fear of the unknown and unexplainable with the bottomless numbness of loss and grief.

About the Book

Brain Damage (J.A. St. Thomas)
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Desmond Linc thinks turning sixteen sucks. Usually sixteen means parties (trouble), cars (terrifying) and girls (umm, no). To Des, sixteen means the third anniversary of his brother’s death and the car accident that damaged his brain and left a dead space the doctors couldn’t explain.

When his best friend insists they attend the first big party of the summer to mark the occasion, he grudgingly obliges. Mistake. Des wakes the next morning with a black hole in his memory the size of an eighteen-wheeler, snuggled up to the most popular girl in school. Totally cool if he was straight and she wasn’t dead—brutally murdered.

There’s a depraved monster in town preying on teenagers and Des is an unwilling spectator. The space in his brain isn’t dead anymore. It’s a doorway to the afterlife, and the dead come telling secrets and lies and wielding accusations like scythes.

With escalating hallucinations and bodies piling up, Des can’t tell if his visions are really a connection to the dead or manifestations of his own guilt. The dead seek vengeance and they’ve chosen Des as their vessel and champion. Armed with a questionable team of ghostbusters, Desmond must find a way to quiet the increasingly volatile ghosts in his head and uncover a killer before another classmate dies.

About the Author

Author J.A. St. Thomas
Author J.A. St. Thomas

J.A. St. Thomas has been writing most of her life. Growing up the only child of late in life parents, her imagination received a healthy workout.

After moving to New York, she spent a short time working in film before meeting her husband. Then kids happened and writing quickly found its way to the to-do-list, remaining there far too long.

A handful of her short stories have won competitions and been published in small presses. However, writing novel length fiction is her true passion.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, music and anything related to horror, especially zombies.

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and on Twitter: @jas0603

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