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New Indie Book Release: Genesis II - A New Day, A New Beginning (Adrian P. Stubbs)

New Indie Book Release:
Genesis II: A New Day, A New Beginning - Adrian P. Stubbs
Science Fiction / Space Opera (324 Pages - August 2017)

Genesis II: A New Day, A New Beginning is an optimistic science fiction epic novel that shows the many ways humanity can overcome any obstacle. General Philip King’s love for his family will be with him through every challenge to come.

About the Book

Genesis II - A New Day, A New Beginning (Adrian P. Stubbs)
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In Keepers of the Gate: Defenders of the Free World, science fiction author Adrian P. Stubbs took the human race to the stars. Billions of humans traveled on Earth Arks to a point deep in space.

The Great Exodus was intended to save humanity from a cataclysmic event. The Nibiru mini–solar system was about to pass through the Earth’s solar system. Earth underwent violent physical changes as a result of the passage.

Now, in Genesis II, humanity is returning in a long-awaited homecoming. They must be careful. It isn’t the same planet as the one they left.

There are now two moons in the sky. The polar ice caps are gone, and there are no longer seasons. Humans may have survived a planetary apocalypse, but how do they rebuild on a world that seems so alien and new?

Helping humanity is a species of advanced aliens who are generous with their technology and knowledge. The planet isn’t the only thing evolving in this thoughtful science fiction saga. Humanity has always strived for a higher state of physical, emotional, and spiritual existence. It is now within their grasp, but are humans ready for the power this knowledge will impart?

About the Author

Author Adrian P. Stubbs
Author Adrian P. Stubbs
Adrian P. Stubbs is the author of Genesis II; The NSA Files, Code Name: Venusian in Black; and Keepers of the Gate: Defenders of the Free World.

Stubbs received two bachelor degrees, a master of science degree, and numerous IT professional certifications. He is an honor graduate of Norfolk State University and has worked in electronics engineering, information technology, and law enforcement.

Stubbs lives in the Atlanta metropolitan area with his family.

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