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Featured Indie Book: Keepers of the Gate (Adrian P. Stubbs)

Keepers of the Gate (Adrian P. Stubbs)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Military / Science Fiction Keepers of the Gate by Adrian P. Stubbs.

Keepers of the Gate: Defenders of the Free World is about the formation of a multi-national military special forces group initially tasked with fighting global terrorism and, later charged with protecting the planet from hostile aliens.

The Book has been self-published via Xlibris Publishing and is available as eBook, Hardcover and Paperback - 456 pages - released in August 2011.

About the Book

Like an epidemic, terrorism was spreading its reach globally. It was beginning to affect the lives of all people, no matter where they lived.

Colonel Anwar Roche, a career US Army officer and a commander in the elite Delta Force, was given the task of forming a response to this growing threat. He was ordered to create an organization that was unique for this purpose; he was to create a multi-national counter-terrorist command to answer that call.

This new military command is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is called the "Supreme Headquarters of the S-10 Special Operations Group Command". Initially, this command combats the tentacles of terrorist reaching around the globe that include piracy at sea near the horn of Africa, operations in the Middle East, hijacking of an ocean liner, nuclear detonations in major American cities and attacks on major landmarks around the country such as the NASA facility at Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Miami International Airport, Sears Towers in Chicago and others.

Within a few years, the scope of operations for this military command soon changes from combating terrestrial terrorism to that of extra-terrestrial. This change is made shortly before the governments and major religions of the planet make full disclosures to the world that we are not alone in the universe.

The new direction for the military command is to defend the gates to planet Earth against attacks from malevolent beings from outer space. It also has the duty of preparing the planet's military forces for engaging the superior military forces from beyond the skies, with the aid of friendly extra-terrestrial forces.

Keepers of the Gate (Adrian P. Stubbs)
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The return of these hostile alien forces to planet Earth and the major battles that ensued, along with the major Earth changes underway, destroyed most of the planet. These events were prophesied in the apocalyptic books of the major religions. They also closely aligned with the prophecies made in the Mayan Calendar and the return of the rogue planet Nibiru and its planetary system on December 21, 2012. The ancient gods were returning...

Over six billion humans were transported off-world for safe keeping, to a planet over six light-years away. This is for their protection from the catastrophic planetary changes and rogue extraterrestrials planning to take advantage of the galactic turmoil created by the fast approaching Nibiru mini-solar system.

The S-10 commandos and their allies are all that stand between the total annihilation of all life on Earth and the hostile forces posed to attack. The hostile forces want to enslave the survivors and reign over them as their olden gods, the gods of folklore. The S-10 commandos are the Keepers of the Gate, Defenders of the Free World.

About the Author

Author Adrian P. Stubbs
Author Adrian P. Stubbs
Adrian P. Stubbs is the author of Genesis II; The NSA Files, Code Name: Venusian in Black; and Keepers of the Gate: Defenders of the Free World.

Stubbs received two bachelor degrees, a master of science degree, and numerous IT professional certifications. He is an honor graduate of Norfolk State University and has worked in electronics engineering, information technology, and law enforcement.

Stubbs lives in the Atlanta metropolitan area with his family.

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Keepers of the Gate (Adrian P. Stubbs)

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