Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Indie Book Release: Fidelity (Eva Caye)

New Indie Book Release:
Fidelity (To Be Sinclair) - Eva Caye
Science-Fiction / Romance (371 pages - June 2017)

Fidelity is a five star Sci-Fi Romance about: How do you maintain your integrity when your world is being turned upside-down? .

About the Book

Fidelity (Eva Caye)
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Prince Richard Sinclair is his brother the Emperor's Fireman because he can't stand to think about his personal life. The dukes think of him as the Imperial Bad Boy due to how Richard manages his anger issues by dealing harshly with them.

He becomes intrigued by Lady Meredith Lauder, and 'rescues' her at the first opportunity from her life of drudgery and despair. Unwilling to be burdened by a husband or children, Merry takes a position in the Imperial Palace to be true to her ideals -- she feels like she's supporting the Imperial Family, not just sleeping with Richard for 'favors'.

Yet two men threaten the delicate balance Richard and Merry have in their relationship.

How can Richard maintain his equanimity, control his anger issues, and win the fiercely independent Merry as his lady wife?

About the Author

Author Eva Caye
Author Eva Caye
Eva Caye can handle a gun, tats lace, designs permaculture gardens, builds rocket stoves, and teaches teenagers critical thinking skills.

She has five books in progress, including two prequels and a finale to the To Be Sinclair series, and two other books chronologically located a few hundred years from now.

She lives in a tiny, century-old farmhouse with her husband and two adorable mutts in Louisville, Kentucky.

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