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Featured Indie Book: Seeker - The Source Chronicles (MJ Blehart)

Seeker - The Source Chronicles (MJ Blehart)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: YA Fantasy (Swords and Sorcery) Seeker: The Source Chronicles by MJ Blehart.

Seeker: The Source Chronicles is an epic fantasy novel and the first book in The Source Chronicles series. It is a tale of self-discovery, of personal growth and empowerment both spiritual and physical. The characters that inhabit t'Thera are easy to relate to, despite an alien world and abilities unlike our own.

The Book has been self-published via Argent Hedgehog Press and is available as eBook and Paperback - 570 pages - released in October 2014.

About the Book

Prophecy and Destiny

Five thousand years ago, a comet was on a collision course with t'Thera. To stop it from destroying life across the planet, all of the wizards and fully realized sorcerers and sorceresses combined their power to arrest its descent, destroying themselves in the process. With their passing, no wizards would rise again, and no sorcerer would ever claim the strength of those lost in The Falling of The Skies.

One mystery from before The Falling would spark wars, and inspire adventurers for five millennia - The Source. The Source is a mysterious prophesied relic of sorcerous energies, capable of changing the destiny of the entire world. And only one will be able to wield this power - The Seeker.

In his search for The Source, The Seeker has miscalculated, and lost his power. As he struggles to regain his abilities, he finds himself embroiled in a rebellion that could have far reaching repercussions for all the world.

Driven by family deaths, leaving her the last child of her line, a princess abandons castle and kin. Instead of the finest wardrobe, courts and banquets and privilege she is in hiding in the countryside, sword-in-hand, leading a rebellion.

The King would have been content to have history say he ruled well and passed on an Orderly kingdom to his heir. Yet the presence of an illegal sorcerer and the rebellion of his daughter are only two of the threats his legacy faces.

The forces of Chaos are on the march. The Seeker realizes that if they overcome the forces of Order, his quest will fail, and the world will never know peace again.

Failure is to lose all to Chaos. Can a sorcerer, rebel princess, and king find the true path?

Seeker - The Source Chronicles (MJ Blehart)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Excellent read. Detailed and developed. Fantasy and intriguing. A complete story in itself but if you like the story yes a second book. Battles very detailed and the sword fighting draws you in. Very well written story. Will read the second book and see where it takes me." - Carole Eshenbaugh

- "This was a great book with interesting characters where no one is perfect and all the characters grow a lot. This isn't some dry boring story, there is a ton of action and adventure as well. Great Book!" - Jonathan (Amazon)

- "Blehart's writing style and riveting plot line sweeps you along as a the story unfolds before you. Hold on and enjoy the ride." - MJ Ellefson

- "The way it reads is somewhat similar to Modesitt, with strong character development, political intrigue, good action in bursts, and even forces of Order and Chaos thrown in the mix. Looking forward to more.[...]" - Amazon

About the Author

Author MJ Blehart
Author MJ Blehart
MJ Blehart was born September 2nd in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been writing various stories in the genre of high fantasy and sci-fi/space opera throughout his education, the first when he was nine years old. MJ is a history aficionado; in college he minored in art history, where he focused on the French and English High Gothic period.

MJ has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism for over twenty five years, where he studies and teaches 16th century rapier combat (fencing), works as a voice herald, participates in archery, and explores all things Elizabethan England and more. He is known in the SCA as Malcolm Bowman.

MJ began The Source Chronicles in 1998. Seeker's first sequel, Finder, is also available. The 3rd book in this series, Harbinger, is complete and being edited. MJ is in the middle of writing the 4th book, Guardians. All told, The Source Chronicles main series will be 5 books.

In addition, MJ has other fiction publishing credits, including "A Treacherous Stone," in the anthology Rum and Runestones, DragonMoon Press, Spring 2010; and "The Vapor Rogues," in the anthology Spells and Swashbucklers, DragonMoon Press, Spring 2012, MJ is a regular blogger, and has worked as a journalist for in several parts of Northern New Jersey, where he currently resides.

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Seeker - The Source Chronicles (MJ Blehart)

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