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New Indie Book Release: The Ronald And Other Plays (Chris Orcutt)

New Indie Book Release:
The Ronald And Other Plays - Chris Orcutt
Drama / Humor / Political Satire (227 Pages - March 2017)

The Ronald And Other Plays features a full-length dramatic work of political satire and five one-act plays.

About the Book

The Ronald And Other Plays (Chris Orcutt)
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"Fabulously Caucasian" billionaire The Ronald decides to run for President of the Incorporated States of Freedomland. Aiding him in his quest are his sexy genius daughter, his accountant, a conservative professor, a Broadway producer, his idiot sons, a TV entertainment reporter, a pizza delivery-boy, and the Cork Brothers--a pair of 1,000-year-old vampires.

The play presents a behind-the-scenes look at a calculating narcissist's Presidential campaign, from his decision to run, to the months leading up to the election, to the day before he takes office.

Also in the collection are five original short plays.

The Clean-Shaven Secretary with the Pistol: What happens when a theatre company attempts to stage a short period drama, and the producers decide, without warning, to insert a commercial break?

Dark and Stormy Night: An autumn night, a desolate diner, and a lonely, beautiful waitress. Enter a man dressed like an L.L. Bean model and carrying a splitting maul. Is he a murderer or her romantic salvation?

Front Page Above the Fold: At a local city daily newspaper, competition between reporters for the front page story is fierce. So fierce, it's personal.

Microbrew: Two 20-something slackers live above grandma June, but they aren't getting anything past her. What she isn't prepared for, however, is her grandson's bewitching homemade beer.

Kansas City This is Former Air Force One: August 9, 1974--the day President Richard Nixon resigned his office. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during his flight home! But this play, you are.

* All of the plays in this collection, including the political satire The Ronald, may be performed royalty-free by amateur theater companies (high schools, colleges and community theater groups).

About the Author

Author Chris Orcutt
Author Chris Orcutt
Chris Orcutt has written professionally for over 25 years as a fiction writer, journalist, scriptwriter, playwright, technical writer and speechwriter.

He has also taught high school U.S. history and college writing. At Baruch College, City University of New York, Chris received the Distinguished Teaching Award, and as a newspaper reporter he received a New York Press Association award.

Chris is the author of the critically acclaimed Dakota Stevens Mystery Series.

The first novel in the series, A REAL PIECE OF WORK, achieved a #1 top-rated ranking in Literary Fiction for Kindle, and #4 in Mystery. IndieReader writes of the novel, "Action, lust, danger, style and witty repartee, Orcutt's A Real Piece of Work is a work of art." The novel received similarly strong critical acclaim from other reviewers, as did the sequel, THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT. The third installment in the series, A TRUTH STRANGER THAN FICTION, debuted on January 1, 2015 and was featured on the popular radio show "Coast To Coast AM." Orcutt's short story collection, THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND, was selected by IndieReader as one of the Best Books of 2013. And his modern pastoral novel, ONE HUNDRED MILES FROM MANHATTAN, was selected by IndieReader as a Best Book for 2014. In a review of the novel Kirkus Reviews favorably compared Chris to Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Cheever.

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