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Featured Indie Book: Marked (D. Laine)

Marked (D. Laine)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: New Adult Romantic Fantasy Marked (Apocalypse Assassins) by D. Laine.

Marked features a paranormal introduction to an apocalyptic world and plenty of romance. It’s not a simple paranormal romance, nor a simple fantasy or apocalyptic horror story. It’s a mashup of several different genres blended together to create one cataclysmic environment that is, at times, intense.

The Book has been published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 262 pages - released in March 2017.

About the Book

For trained assassin Dylan Romero, business is good. As the agency’s top warriors, he and partner Jake Walker are the last two people evil wants to see on the other side of a gun.

When a mission takes them to the college town of Bozeman, Montana, they discover that there is more than just another mark in another town to keep them there. With a heavy concentration of vessels doing their demon masters’ dirty work and flesh-craving monsters lurking around every corner, the secluded Midwest town is set to become the first battleground of the apocalypse.

The last thing Dylan needs is a distraction.

With the fate of the world at stake, the life of one girl shouldn’t matter – until the day she changes everything.

Marked (D. Laine)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Absolutely brilliant [...]. The author does not throw out typical zombie fare for the reader's consumption; instead, every idea you think you know about this genre of books, is challenged and viewed through a new perspective." - Debbie B.

- "OMG - this book is amazing. So unique and entralling, I could not put this book down for a second. I am dying for the continuation of this series. Never would I have thought that I would find the end of the world SO hot, entertaining and just awesome!" - Christine Sturgill

- "Nothing what I was expecting! Totally blown away by how great this book turned out. The characters were well written and the story progressed along perfectly. There was quite a few parts where I was confused, but only because I wasn't expecting what happened. Then the ending really shocked me [...]" - Jessica S.

- "[...] This book kept me enthralled the whole way through and I could not put it down. I look forward to seeing more of these characters. Definitely needs to be put on your TBR list." - Amazon

About the Author

Author D. Laine
Author D. Laine

Fantasy and romance collide in every book.

D. Laine writes relationships that are real and never easy.

Having previously written YA paranormal and contemporary romances under the name Desni Dantone, this is D. Laine’s new adult debut novel.

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Marked (D. Laine)

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