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New Indie Book Release: Ultimate Shades Of Horror (John Wing)

New Indie Book Release:
Ultimate Shades Of Horror - John Wing
Horror (300 Pages - January 2017)

Ultimate Shades Of Horror includes stories that are different shades of horror; some of them being rather subtle in their telling, while others are definitely full-on horror, but all of them occur in the everyday living of life, where maybe, just maybe, they could indeed happen.

"Very good and varied stories with strong descriptions and good tension. Especially liked Transplant, Driver and the Hitcher and The Tree. Well worth reading!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Ultimate Shades Of Horror (John Wing)
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Amazing collection of horror stories that will infiltrate the darkest corners of your mind, unleashing a web of fear, evil, and the unknown.

In these pages you'll read about

- the man who can no longer control his own mind;
- an evil tree that will stop at nothing to wipe out humanity;
- a woman who becomes obsessed with the numbers 11:11;
- four people who have to face their worst nightmares when they walk through Death's Door;
- a millionaire who swaps his own body for another with dire consequences.
- and more frightening and macabre tales.

About the Author

Author John Wing
Author John Wing

John Wing was born in Nottingham but now lives in Bristol with his wife and two boys.

This is his fourth collection of Horror stories. The previous three being: Fourteen Shaded Of Horror, Darker Shades Of Horror and Extreme Shades Of Horror.

The Author's love of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror encouraged him to write his own stories of the unusual, macabre, and the unexplained.

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