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New Indie Book Release: Delinquent (M.F. Lorson)

New Indie Book Release:
Delinquent - M.F. Lorson
Young Adult (265 Pages - January 2017)

Delinquent is for readers who enjoy boarding school drama ala John Green's Looking for Alaska and Jenny Hubbard's Paper Covers Rock. This book is clean enough for middle-schoolers yet contains enough action and maturity to keep older readers engaged.

"I would say this is they best young adult book I have ever read. The whole time I was on the edge of my seat as the each plot unfolded. I loved the description and details. This book is original and fun to read. I highly recommend! " - Reader Review

About the Book

Delinquent (M.F. Lorson)
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What if you saw something bad and no one believed you? At 13, Kate Elliot witnesses the abduction of her best friend. With no evidence to support her claim, and parents who want to put the situation behind them, Kate becomes obsessed with proving that the man just a few blocks away is responsible for Chelsea’s disappearance. Two years pass, and though the rest of the neighborhood is content to believe that Chelsea is just another runaway, Kate is unable to move on. Failing in school, failing to connect with her family and somewhat desperate, Kate takes matters into her own hands, breaking into the abductor's household on multiple fact-finding missions. At first the police are lenient, using Kate’s traumatic backstory to overlook her offenses, but when Kate is caught breaking an entry one too many times her grace period with the San Jose Police Department finally reaches its breaking point.

Kate spends the summer of her 15th year behind bars at the San Jose Juvenile Detention Center. While incarcerated, Kate is approached by Mr. Humphries, the dean of a last chance high school for juvenile delinquents. Given the choice to finish out her time in juvie or attend Huntley and Drake , Kate chooses the latter. But as Mr. Humphries warned, Huntley and Drake is not an easy school. In addition to the academic challenges facing Kate, she must also learn to live and thrive among a co-ed society with only one thing in common: time spent behind bars.

About the Author

Author M.F. Lorson
Author M.F. Lorson

M.F. Lorson lives and works as a Youth Services Librarian in Eastern Oregon.

Her favorite part of being a Librarian is introducing visitors to books they might not pick up on their own.

She is especially passionate about turning adults into YA readers and getting young children hooked on their first favorite series.  

Delinquent is her debut novel though she is currently in the process of completing a second, due out this spring.

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