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Featured Indie Book: One In A Million (Tony Faggioli)

One In A Million (Tony Faggioli)

Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Horror Thriller One In A Million by Tony Faggioli.

One In A Million is an entertaining but sobering look at a very serious subject: the daily battle between good and evil, in our hearts and in our world.

The Book has been self-published via Atticus Creative and is available as eBook and Paperback - 374 pages - released in September 2016.

About the Book

Kyle Fasano has it all: a good job, a loving wife, two beautiful children, and a house on the hill.

Still, it’s not enough. Risking it all, he has a fling with a woman from the office. He knows better, but she offers a simple temptation.

Unfortunately, Kyle is about to discover that his lover is not at all what she seems, and that with every choice, there are consequences.

Sometimes there can be hell to pay. Literally.

One In A Million (Tony Faggioli)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "One In A Million is a well-written, page-turning thriller that explores the concept of good versus evil and what constitutes those definitions in the compulsively readable form of a police procedural. The characters in this supernatural odyssey are well drawn, the plotting is brilliant and just when you think you know where the story is going, Mr. Faggioli throws you another curve ball.[...]" - Marion Turnbull

- "I loved this book. Things kept surprising me as the plot developed. The characters' thoughts and ideas kept me thinking throughout. [...] I couldn't put it down." - Yvonne MD Smith

- "From the first chapter this book got me hooked! The journey of the main character Kyle Fasano is absorbing from the start. I don't usually read this genre but I could not put this book down. " - Jennifer LeBlanc

- "Paranormal fans should enjoy this strange brew of revelations and romance, saints and sinners, remembering the past and attempting to save the future." - Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Author Tony Faggioli
Author Tony Faggioli

Tony Faggioli was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and raised in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Southern California and is a happily married father of two kids, two dogs and a pretty awesome goldfish.

He is a supernatural and paranormal author of four books: The Millionth Trilogy (One In A Million, A Million to One and One Plus One) and The Snow Globe (Coming Spring, 2017).

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One In A Million (Tony Faggioli)

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