Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Indie Book Release: Cara's Place (Olivia Pariset)

New Indie Book Release:
Cara's Place - Olivia Pariset
Contemporary Women's Fiction (265 pages - November 2016)

Cara's Place encourages women to be strong when life knocks you down. You can get back up and make something out of nothing. Women don't have to give up just because it's not our usual role. Women can succeed!

About the Book

Cara's Place (Olivia Pariset)
Beginning again…Cara Walker, widowed at age 25 when her husband and brother in law were killed in a fatal accident on the way to a job site, finds herself immersed in the construction world as she tried to take over the reins of the family company to preserve her husband’s good name. She struggles to find her footing, and her pace in her new world without Will by her side.

Cara must learn to deal with her mother in law and her sister in law who have very different ideas of how to run the company, while warding off her husband’s cousin’s attempts to take over the company—with his aunt’s blessing. Cara must secure the confidence of the clients and the company employees if she is to succeed.

Cara stumbles onto a trail of invoices and missing materials that leads her to the trusted right-hand man, Joe. She hopes it’s not him but she must solve the mystery of who is stealing from the company, and possibly undermining her efforts, before the company goes bankrupt.

About the Author

Author Olivia Pariset
Author Olivia Pariset
Olivia Pariset lives in the Pacific Northwest with her writing companion, a calico cat named Sassy, having moved here after a lifetime of wandering that began with her father’s naval career.

A writer all of her life, Olivia limited her writing to the telling of other’s stories for a very select readership. Her work as a paralegal for almost thirty years allowed her to fine-tune her love of story-telling, taking true events and painting authentic pictures for her select group of readers.

This story invites you along on Olivia’s journey as she, much like Cara Walker, seeks to find her voice after tragedy changed the course of her own life.

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