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FEATURED: The Outlaw River Wilde (Mike Walters)

The Outlaw River Wilde (Mike Walters)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Supernatural Mystery Novel The Outlaw River Wilde by Mike Walters.

The Outlaw River Wilde is a fun novel to read. Likeable characters, quick pace, and a fun story. The book will make you laugh in spots and cringe in others. The author intertwines his love of Native American culture and a passion for the Pacific Northwest, primarily his birth state of Oregon.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - 320 pages - released in March 2015.

About the Book

Who of us, at one time or another, hasn't wondered if we’re alone in the universe? Mitch Wilde never had until a failed attempt at pulling an arrow out of his best friend Jack’s shoulder began a string of strange and unexpected events in the small Pacific Northwest Town of Outlaw River.

When Native Americans start vanishing throughout the country and re-appearing in strange places on horseback, Mitch is challenged in ways he never dreamed. In addition, who are the uninvited strangers ransacking some of their homes? Added to this, Jack has taken to odd nocturnal treks. The local sheriff releases hostility he has held against Mitch since high school and something—nobody wants to call them UFOs—has just crashed into several surrounding lakes.

Can Mitch keep himself out of jail? Can Mitch figure out what the strange entities emerging from the lake are and why? Can Mitch protect the beautiful life he and his wife Mabey worked so hard to create? Finally, can Mitch help his eccentric neighbor save the residents of Outlaw River before it's too late?

The Outlaw River Wilde (Mike Walters)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "This wild adventure will drive you crazy as you try to put the pieces together. You just want to know what in name of God is going on! Great character development, likable characters to boot, and a mystery that just yearns to be solved." - Rebecca Skane

- "I thoroughly enjoyed this book by this new author and cannot wait to read more from him. For me, it’s simple: a good book makes you want to keep turning pages. Outlaw River Wilde easily falls into this category. The pace is just right and the characters are wonderful. [...]" - James Sanchez

- "This is a very interesting read, with a another surprise popping up just as soon as you assimilated the last surprise! If you wish to be entertained by a fun romp through the Pacific Northwest, "The Outlaw River Wilde" is for you![...]" - Mark Kuczera

- "Sci-Fi lovers will gravitate to this book - light Sci-Fi, not the heavy stuff. A wild ride in the 'wilde' west." - Mommy2828 (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Mike Walters
Author Mike Walters
Mike Walters and his debut novel, The Outlaw River Wilde, sprung from an idea while watching Ancient Aliens on the History channel. Mike sat down one day and started writing. The characters and story were revealed each and every day he wrote.

"Every session was as if I were reading something new myself for the first time. It was a blast seeing what would happen next. This is why I enjoyed writing this novel so much."

Mike is a Director of Marketing & Product at Auto-Graphics, Inc. based in Ontario, CA. That's California, not Canada. A-G makes software for Libraries, primarily public. So on your visit to the library, when you sit down to search for a book this is the software that A-G makes.

"I am very fortunate to work in an industry that has a meaningful impact on society. It makes going to work each and every day enjoyable. I mean who doesn't think we need, and who doesn't love, libraries?"

Mike learned photography as a freshman in high school and later took the passion and used it as a photographer in the United States Air Force. He loves to ride bicycles in SoCal year around, volunteers in Los Angeles at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue taking photos of the beautiful dogs, and has a passion for Micro-brews, particularly Porters and Stouts. You will frequently find him sampling, with his son Alexander, at one of the many breweries in and around Claremont, CA. Mike is currently at work on the follow up to The Outlaw River Wilde, which will be titled - Still Wilde in the Outlaw River. 

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The Outlaw River Wilde (Mike Walters)

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