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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

New Indie Book Release: High Hopes (Sue Lilley)

New Indie Book Release:
High Hopes - Sue Lilley
Contemporary Romance (209 Pages - April 2016)

High Hopes is an emotional page-turner. Discover what the future holds for Grace, Dixie and Sam when shocking revelations toss the family into turmoil.

- "[...] heartwarming long-lost baby reunion story, and this one was one of the best I've read, combined with a beautiful love story as an added bonus." - Reader Review

About the Book

High Hopes (Sue Lilley)
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Imagine if...

Twenty years ago you got pregnant after a one-night stand. You were a penniless student with a heartbreaking dilemma. You had your secret baby adopted, convinced you were giving her a better life. Now your daughter has traced you. You’re desperate to meet her but her father is your lifelong best friend.

You love his wife as the sister you never had. But you never told them you had a baby.

Telling them now will tear their marriage to shreds and smash your friendship into smithereens.

What would you do...?

About the Author

Author Sue Lilley
Author Sue Lilley
Sue Lilley lives in the north east of England, when she isn’t escaping somewhere else in her imagination. She loves a good story, especially feel-good escapism that makes you miss your stop and be late for work because you can’t put the book down. Her practical exterior hides the soul of a daydreamer and compulsive people watcher.

She has been writing as a hobby for years, eavesdropping on people’s conversations on the Metro for inspiration.

She’s been married to Michael, an artist and fellow creative spirit, for more years than they’re brave enough to count. They have one grown-up daughter who’s far more sensible than either of them.

Connect with Sue Lilley via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @suelilleyauthor.

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