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Monday, February 01, 2016

New Indie Book Release: Cycle 26 - Winter is Here (Joe Dacy II)

New Indie Book Release:
Cycle 26: Winter is Here - Joe Dacy II
Science-Fiction (Apocalyptic) (338 Pages - January 2016)

Cycle 26: Winter is Here is a chilling drama, no pun intended, but the scariest part is that ALL of the scientific data -- the charts, the graphs, the quotations, and especially the segment about the predicted "hibernation" of the sun in solar Cycle 26 (2030-2040) -- is TRUE!

- "I thoroughly recommend this book to fans of hard science-fiction like myself, but add that it is packed with enough adventure to appeal to more eclectic readers. [...]" - Reader Review

About the Book

Cycle 26 - Winter is Here (Joe Dacy II)
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In 2026, the Ice Line descends beyond Chicago, throwing the country into a panic and settling the global warming debate with a vengeance. In the next eleven years, it buries much of the world in snow, creating an apocalypse Man has never experienced.

As the death toll mounts, a NOAA Meteorologist, John Snowden, is determined to solve the scientific mystery behind this calamity. While government and private Foragers try to salvage what they can from this "mini Ice Age," search-and-rescue missions pluck a chosen few snowbound lands north of the Ice Line.

The tale of Amy Callahan, a Chicago nurse, explores the other half of the catastrophe. She flees from one refugee camp to another as the Ice Line descends. She's one of the lucky ones; some survivors have been left behind to fend for themselves. In the ice-free south, they are known as Ravagers.

Together, the pair must brave the perils of a globe gone cold to reveal a world-saving secret. But their success depends of their surviving fifty miles of unrelenting winter, and a hungry, 6-foot-7 Ravager named Craig.

About the Author

Author Joe Dacy II
Author Joe Dacy II
Joe Dacy II is a former reporter and editor, holding a Bachelor of Journalism degree with High Honors from The University of Texas. After six years in journalism and eight years selling real estate, he entered the field of law enforcement and served as a patrolman and detention officer for four years.

His fourth. full-time career spanned the next 17 years. He was a corporate computer software instructor, holding various positions in the fields of sales force automation, telecom, web development and business intelligence.

Mr. Dacy retired at the end of 2013 to become a full-time, science-fiction author. His ten Sci-Fi novels can be viewed at his website.

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