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Featured Indie Book: The Prince of Ravens (Hal Emerson)

The Prince of Ravens (Hal Emerson)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Epic Fantasy The Prince of Ravens (Exile) by Hal Emerson.

The Prince of Ravens: is about a young man who has known nothing but power and privilege his whole life - until the day of his attempted assassination. He survives and is forced to flee across the Empire he once helped to rule, searching for answers and running from those who would have him silenced forever.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon, Smashwords & Others and is available as eBook - 428 pages - released in November 2012.

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About the Book

The Prince of Ravens has vanished.

Word spreads quickly from the Fortress of the Empress, through the dark streets of Lucien, and to the far corners of the Empire of Ages. The Children are summoned to the Fortress, and the people talk in muffled whispers, if they dare to talk at all, of secret plots and ancient prophecies. Some say the Prince was murdered, others that he was kidnapped; but underneath it all runs a darker word, one full of terrifying possibility:


Rumor begets rumor, and soon the whisper of truth is lost in the swirling winds of growing fear. For the Prince of Ravens is the prophesied Lord of Death, and on his shoulders rests the fate of the Empire.

The Prince of Ravens (Hal Emerson)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "A well thought out story line with a couple of twists to keep you from guessing the direction the author is taking you. I plan to continue reading the series. A mother who wants you dead, brothers and sisters trying to kill you... what more could you ask for! The author does a great job of painting a world with words so that you can stand beside the hero as he "stumbles" his way through a world of treachery. Highly recommended." - Gary L. Ruhnke

- "[...] This is the type of fantasy novel that you will want to read in one sitting. Having a career kept me from being able to do so, but my mind stayed on the story even while I was at work. Another aspect that I appreciated about this fantasy is that there is a great deal of words of wisdom interwoven into the plot. Most of this is to help the Prince grow and learn, but as a reader I found that these words gave me a great deal of food for thought in my own life. People who are involved with martial arts or inspiring books will really appreciate this. I highly recommend "Prince of Ravens" for all fans of fantasy. It is also appropriate for teens." - Paige Lovitt

- "The writing & story telling are excellent! It was very easy to dive into this world and get sucked in. Very entertaining & a good read! Highly recommend this book for any fantasy fans!" - Christine Baker

- "[...] This is an engrossing story set in a well-developed world ... the characters are thoughtful, intelligent and likable, even as they struggle with their own inner demons ... the plot is full of interesting twists and turns, both internal and external, leading the reader through the Prince's growing understanding and changes of heart." - Catherine Langrehr

About the Author

Author Hal Emerson
Author Hal Emerson
Hal Emerson is an "Indie Reader Approved" author living in San Francisco.

He is the author of five books, with a sixth and seventh on the way. The Exile Trilogy, begun with The Prince of Ravens, remains his most popular series. His favorite books include East of Eden, Harry Potter, and Julius Caesar.

He is also an actor and older brother, and he has an undying obsession with raspberries.

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The Prince of Ravens (Hal Emerson)

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