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Thursday, January 07, 2016

New Indie Book Release: The Threat in the Adriatic (Roger Burnage)

New Indie Book Release:
The Threat in the Adriatic - Roger Burnage
Historical Naval Fiction (160 Pages - November 2015)

The Threat in the Adriatic is Book #7 of the The Merriman Chronicles - a fast-paced Naval Fiction Novel set in the early 19th Century.

About the Book

The Threat in the Adriatic (Roger Burnage)
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The year is 1809 - late autumn. Captain Sir James Abel Merriman is dispatched to Gibraltar to take command of a seventy four gun third rate ship of the line - HMS Thunder - with orders to escort a convoy through the Mediterranean to Malta and on to the Adriatic to find Captain William Hoste.

Once again seconded to the Treasury - an arrangement with which he has become very familiar – Merriman is joined by Mr. Clarke who is to secretly go ashore and report on French activity whilst the squadron does as much damage as possible to French ports, forts and convoys.

When given the command, Merriman had felt that he had at last reached the heights of his naval career but he had quickly come down to earth as he realised the greater problems he had to face with command of such a big ship. Dogged by problems with a slow ship in the convoy, a difficult officer and shipboard discipline, there is little time to prepare the crew before they encounter a new French 74 with devastating consequences including severe injury to Merriman himself and the loss of over 150 men.

About the Author

Author Roger Burnage
Author Roger Burnage
Author Roger Burnage grew up in the village of Lymm, a civil parish in Warrington, Cheshire. National service with the RAF took him to Ceylon - Sri Lanka as it is now known - where he worked as a radio mechanic on large transmitters but never once flew in an aeroplane.

After release from service Roger went to work as a draughtsman at Vickers in Manchester, eventually becoming a sales engineer and traveled abroad to Scandinavia and India. It is during this period that he started to read the Hornblower novels by C. S. Forester which sparked his interest in this genre.

Roger eventually settled in North Wales to build a business and raise a family. The thoughts of writing for himself were never far from his mind. Retirement finally gave him the opportunity.

He says:- "I have always enjoyed reading history and historic novels and it was the finding of simple mistakes in some of them that encouraged me to write for myself. I find great pleasure from both writing and doing the historical research needed. The Merriman series is the result, with seven novels completed and more still in the planning stage."

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