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New Indie Book Release: Shattered Lies (S.J. Francis)

New Indie Book Release:
Shattered Lies - S.J. Francis
Women’s Fiction (400 Pages - October 2015)

Shattered Lies is a family saga and reads like a suspense novel. It has been enjoyed by readers of all ages, men, women, and teenagers. 10% of this book's sales from both editions will be donated to the Polycystic Kidney Foundation to help fight this insidious disease that strikes both adults and children. For more info about this disease see:

"[...] I am very impressed with S.J. Francis. The way the author wrote the novel was super amazing and fascinating. She transported me back in time and made me feel the pain and confusion of a grandmother who thought she was doing the right thing. It is a great novel, one that I would like to read again and again." - Rabia Tanveer for Reader's Favorite

About the Book

Shattered Lies (S.J. Francis)
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What happens to a family when lies are discovered and secrets are revealed?

She wants to know the truth, but some secrets might be better left alone...

Kate Thayer has a good life as a veterinarian, running the family horse farm—until she uncovers an act of unimaginable treachery by those she trusted most and learns that everything she knew about herself was a lie. Her paternal grandmother, the woman who raised her, is behind a number of devastating secrets Kate is compelled to discover.

But the deeper she digs, the more betrayal she finds, changing her life in ways she could have never foreseen.

About the Author

S.J. Francis is a freelance writer with over three hundred publication credits, a University Lecturer with doctorates in English, Mass Communications and Law, and most recently, a novelist. Francis writes for many publications, as well as regularly contributing to the local newspaper. Francis’ background also encompasses working as a television producer. A frequent traveler, Francis has resided in thirteen states and three countries. A confirmed bibliophile, when not writing Francis can be found reading a good book, or spending time in the outdoors. Francis currently lives in Mississippi, where a major part of Shattered Lies takes place—but grew up in New York City, where the latter portion occurs.

The family dynamic is a never ending source of ideas and Shattered Lies is no exception. As in all the stories Francis writes, in the end, it’s all about family. Future projects include a stand-alone sequel to Shattered Lies, and a novel about the dynamic relationships in Hollywood.

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