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Featured Indie Book: The Glass Girl (Sandy Hogarth)

The Glass Girl (Sandy Hogarth)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Women's Fiction Novel The Glass Girl by Sandy Hogarth.

The protagonist, Ruth, has a sister she should not trust. The Glass Girl is set in the Australian desert and in the north of England and spans 30 years, revealing infidelity, abuse, and betrayal. Sometimes you can’t keep running. In a world of lies and betrayals by people she loves. Is Ruth strong enough?

The Book has been published via New Generation Publishing and is available as eBook and Paperback - 282 pages - released in December 2014.

About the Book

Say thank you to your sister for me.

His parting words cause sixteen year old Ruth to flee to Australia in shame and fear, telling her mother, it's just a year mum, then I'll be home. But even there her secret drives her to the isolation of the outback.

Seven years later the death of her mother brings Ruth home to England. Now she must confront her sister, Alexis. But there are darker secrets that threaten to tear apart the family she thought she knew and Alexis' betrayals are not over.

Sometimes you can't keep running.

In a world of lies and betrayal by the people she loved, is Ruth strong enough?

The Glass Girl (Sandy Hogarth)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "A wonderfully crafted and accomplished debut. Compelling, beautiful language. Protagonist Ruth is an intelligent and beguiling narrator and yet there is a fragility there that connects the reader to her from the onset. I was captured from the opening scene. " - Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

- "[...] A beautifully written story with wonderful attention to detail. It is a troubled tale detailing the lives of two sisters as they come to terms with life after the death of their mother. The thing I liked about this is the fact that each of the characters is flawed, without being one-dimensional." - Sara Knight

- "Ms. Hogarth is a very talented writer. Her prose is beautiful and melodic. The descriptive passages pull you into the scene. The reader can feel the sun-baked aridity of the Australian desert, see the red kangaroos and their young leaping across the land, smell the rain and humidity of England, and hear the deafening stillness when Ruth sits alone in her cottage. Ruth’s life takes her through fear, pain, regret, love, loss, rage, and redemption. The characters and the story feel true to life. The atmosphere is rich. The tale is told unhurriedly." - Christine Terrell

- "The Glass Girl is beautifully written with a high calibre plot and fully realised characters. It is subtle and evocative. Read and Enjoy." - Margaret Graham

- "This is an extraordinary debut novel from a supremely talented writer. Sandy Hogarth has produced a compelling, beautifully written story which charts the light and shade complexity of the human condition through one woman's life journey. The combination of a strong narrative with a masterful use of the English language makes this un-put-downable. As one of the characters points out, love is sharing a book you love. Do read this." - CB (Amazon)

- "This is an affecting story of betrayed trust, love, loss and hope, which will resonate with many readers. Skillfully written with pace and attention to detail [...]" - GreenBruin (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Sandy Hogarth
Author Sandy Hogarth
Sandy Hogarth was born in Melbourne, Australia but lives in England in the Yorkshire Dales. She returns to her roots from time to time.

Sandy gave up her day job (advertising) to write, and kept herself by selling ice cream outside a food store in the evenings. She was asked to take over running the nine stores (she must have been an ace ice-cream seller) and the writing suffered.

She left London for Yorkshire and spent time in academia but abandoned researching into power and trust to return to full-time writing. Sandy loves exploring character under stress, relationships, and, perversely, lonely places. Some of The Glass Girl is set in the Australian desert.

A number of readers want a sequel to The Glass Girl. The most interesting would be Alexis’ story - the wicked sister. How does she find a way out of her troubled life? There probably will be a sequel but not until Sandy finishes the novel she is half way through: Is Heaven Safe.

She is well into her second novel about a woman, Kate, whose autistic son, aged 8, and the only person she has truly loved, is accidentally killed. Kate plots revenge on the son of the woman driving the car but…

When not writing (and ‘I’m not as disciplined as I might be,’ she says,) Sandy reads about 80 books a year, walks the Dales where she lives with her partner, plays the clarinet or makes hand-made chocolates.

She was commended and published, for her story, The Boy, in the 2013 Yeovil Literary Festival Short Story Competition.

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The Glass Girl (Sandy Hogarth)

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