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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Featured Indie Book: Pianist in a Bordello (Mike C. Erickson)

Pianist in a Bordello (Mike C. Erickson)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Humor and Satire (Fiction) Pianist in a Bordello by Mike C. Erickson.

Pianist in a Bordello is a hilarious political romp through the last four decades of American history, from a narrator who is full of surprises. Are voters really ready for the whole truth? Are you?

The Book has been self-published via Tri-Rhyme Publications and is available as eBook and Paperback - 284 pages - released in January 2015.

About the Book

What would happen if a politician decided to tell the truth—the whole truth?

Richard Youngblood, aspiring Congressman, is about to find out. He’s running on a platform of honesty and transparency—and against the advice of his friends and advisers he’s decided to start with himself. His autobiography will lay his entire life bare before voters just days before the election.

And what a life he’s had. Born in a commune and named Richard Milhaus Nixon Youngblood as an angry shot at his absent father, Richard grows up in the spotlight, the son of an enigmatic fugitive and the grandson of a Republican senator. He’s kidnapped and rescued, kicked out of college for a prank involving turkeys, arrested in Hawaii while trying to deliver secrets to the CIA…Dick Nixon Youngblood’s ready to tell all.

He’ll even tell his readers about the Amandas—three women who share a name but not much else, and who each shaped and defined the man he’s become.

Pianist in a Bordello (Mike C. Erickson)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "This is one of the best books I've read in the past year -- very engaging, funny, and educational. It really hits its stride about 1/3 of the way through and keeps your attention until the very end. I found myself staying up late each night simply because I couldn't put it down. I was sincerely impressed that this was the author's first novel [...]" - Shawn Gogia

- "Do not be fooled about the political overtone though, because there is an ample amount of romance and humor to take you from the beginning to the end of the book. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys good reading." - Lennette (Amazon)

- "This delightful book took me back to my youth when I was active in politics, becoming a feminist, being a teacher and learning about our government. It reminded me of "Another Roadside Attraction", also a favorite book of mine. Mr. Erickson has a good satirical use of our language and excellent background as a teacher. I highly recommend this book." - Gaye Wood

- "A wonderful read, hard to put down. You just want to read one more chapter." - Charles T. Stamos

About the Author

Author Mike C. Erickson
Author Mike C. Erickson
Mike C. Erickson grew up in the idyllic college town of Logan, Utah, but because of a twist of fate he graduated from high school in Honolulu. He left Hawaii brimming with aloha and enrolled at Utah State, where he was awarded two degrees and self-proclaimed minor intellectual status, which was of dubious value when the US Army invited him to vacation in South-East Asia. Ten days after leaving Vietnam, he began decades of dispensing pearls of wisdom as a history teacher and academic decathlon coach at Bella Vista High School. On occasion, he was also an instructor at American River College.

Mike and his wife Trudy, have two grown sons and a grandson born about the time of this novel was published.

When not in Hawaii or another exotic locale, they live in Gold River, California. This is Mike C Erickson's Debut Novel.

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Pianist in a Bordello (Mike C. Erickson)

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