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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Lost Wishes (Kelly Gendron)

New Indie Book Release:
Lost Wishes - Kelly Gendron
Adult Contemporary Romance (200 pages - April 2015)

Lost Wishes is the fifth book - a Standalone - of the TroubleMaker Series!

About the Book

Lost Wishes (Kelly Gendron)
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He’s ruthless. She’s relentless.
Together, they are boundless.

Fallon O’Conner is ruthless…
Each day comes and goes without meaning
He eats, sleeps, and waits
The time is nearing to confront his wife’s killer
And nothing will stop Fallon from getting his revenge
Then, Katie Rustle comes crashing into his forsaken life…

Katie Rustle is relentless…
Her boss needs something
Fallon O’Conner has it
And Katie is just the person to get it
She’s no stranger to bad-tempered, cruel, heartless men
A man corrupted by the loss of a loved one raised her

About the Author

Author Kelly Gendron
Author Kelly Gendron
Kelly Gendron's motto ~ "Bad boys, give ‘em a little time and experience, and they will evolve into misbehaving men!" - Now, what hot-blooded woman doesn’t want a naughty, all grown up bad boy?

Kelly Gendron is the author of the TroubleMaker series, the new Breaking the Declan Brothers series, and a few other romantic suspense novels.

When she’s not writing steamy, blush producing romances, she’s out meeting new people while representing a group of reputable nursing facilities. You can find Kelly in a quiet suburb, somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, and if you Google her, she’ll pop up there, too. And, please do find her.

Kelly loves to hear from her readers, and meeting new people.

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