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Saturday, April 04, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Kept - Book Two (Tracey Lampley)

New Indie Book Release:
Kept: Book Two - Tracey Lampley
Romantic Suspense (102 pages - March 2015)

Kept: Book Two is a stand-alone in the Kept Series. It is not necessary to read the first book before this one.

"Tracey Lampley has done it again! This time the main character has to save her family as well as herself! Indeed, murder seems to stalk Kate Mercer in Kept: Book Two. Even if you didn’t read the first novella, you could still read this one because it supports itself." - Reader Review

About the Book

Kept - Book Two (Tracey Lampley)
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After surviving an attempt on her life and delivering an heir to a fortune, sexy former mistress Kate Mercer is back! And so is murder. Meet the characters impacting Kate’s life.

Anita Spencer: After a great loss, the woman has a score to settle with Kate.

Derrick Angel: The heartthrob threatens to ruin Kate’s family. Will he kill to win her heart?

Detective Garnett: Out of his jurisdiction, Detective Garnett tries forcing Kate to reveal the whereabouts of his kept mistress. When Kate refuses, he issues a chilling threat.

Carrington Grant: He’s more powerful than any of the previous three characters, and he indicates that he wants to become a part of his daughter’s life, but Kate refuses as her new husband had signed the birth certificate. How far would he go to gain custody of his biracial daughter?

About the Author

Author Tracey Lampley
Author Tracey Lampley
Tracey Lampley is a Miami University of Oxford, Ohio alumni and a current graduate student in American history. She is an Ohio transplant living in Georgia.

In between watching sports on television, taking care of her Yorkie mix, and drinking Red Bull Zero, she writes women-in-jeopardy novellas.

Kept: Book Two is the second book in her Kept Series. It is a stand-alone novella and a sequel to Kept, released August 2014. She bases her novellas on a combination of her friends in the same situation—except the murder! Currently, she is plotting Kept: Book Three.

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and on Twitter: @BookMistress1.

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