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Friday, April 10, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Getting Him Off Secretly (C. R. Lemons)

New Indie Book Release:
Getting Him Off Secretly - C. R. Lemons
Erotic Thriller (402 pages - April 2015)

Getting Him Off Secretly is an erotic thriller involving murder investigation while having to go undercover in a secret world of very powerful men and an element of fantasy mixed in reality beautifully unravels.

About the Book

Getting Him Off Secretly (C. R. Lemons)
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Can you keep a secret? How about multiple secrets? Delve into this riveting murder mystery full of intrigue, passion, and suspense to find out.

Paralegal extraordinaire Daisy Sinclair goes undercover with the ever-so-sexy criminal investigator Warren Cole, her partner in crime investigation and in love. Their relationship couldn’t seem more perfect until their firm is hired by the Honorable Elijah “Eli” Whitfield to solve the disappearance and subsequent murder of his acquaintance.

He is not just any Judge, he is Daisy’s former boss with chestnut brown hair, deep blue eyes, a smile that a politician would kill for and is by far the sexiest one presiding in Texas. There is a history between these two that lingers and comes to fruition when Daisy’s undercover assignment takes her deep into a secret world of the most powerful men in Fort Worth and working intimately close with the Judge. Daisy finds herself at a crossroads between her committed relationship with her boyfriend and resisting a hot steamy affair with her former boss all while trying to catch a murderer.

Your curiosity will be raised while the clues are being deciphered and will reach its climax when the person responsible for the murder is revealed.

About the Author

Author C. R. Lemons
Author C. R. Lemons
C. R. Lemons enjoys reading crime fiction and erotic romance, so her goal from the outset was to write a novel with a perfect balance of both genres portraying a strong experienced female as the main character. C. R. Lemons has such an active imagination and she truly enjoys transcribing it into words. As she is writing, the people, places and things come to life before her and she completely loses herself. Writing is her meditation.

C. R. Lemons hopes you enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them.

After receiving a degree in paralegal studies, C. R. Lemons was a paralegal for many years until deciding on a career change of currently managing her award-winning, family-owned business. As a child, she would sneak her mom’s romance novels and lose herself in them. She always had an active imagination and dreamt of sharing it through writing. This dream finally came true with her first novel Getting Him Off Quickly and continues with her second novel Getting Him Off Secretly.

C. R. Lemons is a native Texan who enjoys her coffee strong, her music rockin’ and her life full of laughter. She lives with her adorable husband, two beautiful daughters, three spoiled Chihuahuas, and one diva of a German Shepherd.

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