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Monday, April 13, 2015

New Indie Book Release: Fool’s Gold (Cordell Falk)

New Indie Book Release:
Fool’s Gold - Cordell Falk
Western (314 pages - March 2015)

Fool’s Gold (Valley of the Damned series) is the second in a six volume story-arc of grand conspiracy and twisted allegiance that seeks to elevate the western beyond the stereotype of a one-dimensional battle of heroes and villains lost in the time stream.

About the Book

Fool’s Gold (Cordell Falk)
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Matthew Carter never claimed to be a gunfighter, never gave in to the lure of gold and riches. Yet his future seems fixed by a pouch of documents left behind by his murdered mentor, putting him dead in the cross hairs of the vengeful Baron McAllister.

After escaping his enemies in the mining boom-towns around Death Valley, Matthew heads north seeking both the shelter of the trails and information on the hidden wealth left behind in his name. When his misfortune crosses paths with the feisty and beautiful Josie, it may be kismet or disaster. As secrets are revealed, the pair is drawn deeper into a scheme by aristocrats that leaves no room for debts of conscience or duty unfilled.

While the heat between Matthew and Josie builds, the secretive elite tighten their web of deception, conspiring to take the mysterious pouch and untold riches for their own.

About the Author

Author Cordell Falk
Author Cordell Falk
Cordell Falk is that rare creature known as "a Native San Diegan". He graduated from San Diego State in ‘97 with two degrees in non-writing related subjects and now holds a day job in the telecom industry where he takes full responsibility for your terrible cell phone reception.

He can be found most midnights bringing intensive research and a healthy imagination to the western genre. He was also once the world record holder on the NES console game 'Wild Gunman', and that's got to count for something.

When not being a husband, a father, or employee #342352, he is steadily inching forward on various projects such as science-fiction, zombie-fiction, fantasy, satire, and the sequels in this western series.

Connect with Cordell Falk via the Author's Website
and on Twitter: @cordellfalk.

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