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Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Indie Book Release: A Woman's Touch (Delaney Foster)

New Indie Book Release:
A Woman's Touch - Delaney Foster
Adult Romance (240 pages - March 2015)

A Woman's Touch is the story of Heidi Lemaire, a local business owner in New Orleans with a past that has her keeping all the men in her life at arm's length. This includes a hot kick boxer named Alex who throws a major kink in her plan, in more ways than one.

About the Book

A Woman's Touch (Delaney Foster)
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Fate finds Heidi in the office of US Senator, Nick Knight, who has a few commitment issues of his own.

The sexual chemistry between them is undeniable, no matter how hard they both try to fight it. But there are other forces, beyond just the physical, pulling them together whether they realize it or not.

Nick is the calm to Heidi's ever growing storm and Heidi is his kryptonite.

No matter how much Nick may think he is in control, his need for Heidi is beyond anything he can fathom. From her battle to keep her son in her life, to fighting the powers that be from taking her business away, Heidi is determined to take all of life's curve balls and knock them out of the park.

And she's got the spunk to do it. All she needs to do is to stick to the plan...

About the Author

Author Delaney Foster
Author Delaney Foster
Delaney Foster is a Louisiana resident with a passion for a steamy romance.

She spends most of her time working as an interior designer and being super mom. Her weekends are spent at the baseball field watching her favorite player...when there's not tailgating to do or festivals to attend of course.

Delaney has written content for websites and company brochures but is a sucker for the lighter, more romantic side of writing.

Connect with Delaney Foster via the Author's Facebook Page
and on Twitter: @msdelaneyfoster.

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