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Friday, February 27, 2015

New Indie Book Release: The Green Line Divide - Romance, Travel, and Turmoils (Z Vally)

New Indie Book Release:
The Green Line Divide - Romance, Travel, and Turmoils - Z Vally
Romantic Comedy (195 pages - January 2015)

The Green Line Divide encounters readers with people from various parts of the world, including exotic destinations like Cyprus and the Greek island of Rhodes. And follow a young woman named Alexis as she struggles with gamophobia and tries to come to terms with her independence, relationships, and the future. Romance, humor, and drama abound in this fast-paced, playful novel—and so, too, do questions and surprises.

About the Book

The Green Line Divide - Romance, Travel, and Turmoils (Z Vally)
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Alexis is smart, sexy, and enthusiastic—but, like most people, she’s got a few things holding her back in life. And if she’s to ever move forward, she’s got to confront them—head on.

From failing her school exams and dealing with her father’s illness to being mistaken for a celebrity and avoiding serious relationships at any cost, Alexis’s life is riddled with complications and concerns, some harrowing and others absolutely hilarious. When she meets a svelte Swede named Sven, Alexis’s life becomes even more complicated, and her fear of commitment becomes more pronounced, placing her at a pivotal point:

Can she overcome her fears and get married? Or will she search for any excuse to keep from walking down the aisle?

The Green Line Divide: Romance, Travel, and Turmoils follows Alexis’s trials and tribulations in life, love, and relationships, set against a Mediterranean backdrop rich with travel and culture. A truly touching, laugh-out-loud novel, it is sure to appeal to readers with a wide variety of interests, including tourism, international history, personal growth, and stories of relationship drama.

About the Author

Author Z Vally
Author Z Vally
Z Vally has no political interest in Cyprus but the author does have a strong familiarity with the area and therefore a deep interest in writing about it.

In the 1980s, Z lived in the Greek-speaking southern region of Cyprus, near the Green Line buffer zone, and traveled around the region. These experiences and more have been cleverly woven into Z’s debut title, The Green Line Divide: Romance, Travel, and Turmoils.

Now the author lives in the United Kingdom. Z previously studied finance and business at a British college. She enjoys sewing, cooking, baking, and do-it-yourself projects when not writing. The author also fancies residential architecture, landscape, sightseeing, reading newspapers, and watching TV news and documentaries.

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