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Friday, February 06, 2015

Featured Indie Book: Crossroads Serenade (Laurie Adair Grove)

Crossroads Serenade (Laurie Adair Grove)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Women's Fiction Crossroads Serenade by Laurie Adair Grove.

Crossroads Serenade is about a young woman from a hard-scrabble background who discovers, throughout her long, difficult first year back in her hometown after a five year absence, that her close-knit circle of friends is so much more like family than her real family ever was.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon and is available as eBook and Paperback - 288 pages - released in July 2012.

About the Book

After high school tragedy forced Meredith to move to Oregon, but five years later, a dear friend passes away and leaves his business—a restaurant, bar and hotel called The Serenade, to her in his will. Meredith isn’t sure she should go home. For one thing, she has never run a business before and doesn’t want to fail in the business her friend spent decades building up. For another thing, she’s still afraid of her abusive former stepfather, Raymond, and she has no idea where and when he might turn up or what he might still be capable of. But there is someone there she hopes she will see, and that is Pete—who broke off their engagement over circumstances that neither of them could control.

She ultimately decides to move back home, and returns in the summer with her five year old son, Grant. It isn’t long after the grand re-opening of The Serenade that she actually does run into Pete. But there is a very long, difficult road ahead of Meredith, Pete and Grant, that nobody could have foreseen. A road that, without the undying support of a circle of steadfast friends would have been impossible to travel.

Crossroads Serenade (Laurie Adair Grove)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] Couldn't put it down! Glad to finally see a romance book that doesn't go to far in the bedroom. Can't wait for the next one!" - Ina L. Grove

- "[...] Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Always something going on all at the same time. Loved reading it." - Doris Kerlin

- "I enjoyed reading this book from the moment I picked it up. Great story line, easy and interesting read. Really glad I chose this book to read. I am looking forward to more books from this author. I highly recommend this to everyone." - JiggyJ (Amazon)

- "The story is very believable. The author created very interesting characters, and I enjoyed the suspense and romantic interactions throughout the book. It was difficult to put the book down. Highly recommend this novel." - Mary Lynn

- "[...] It had a good story line and held my interest. I didn't want to put it down until I was done." - Suzy45 (Amazon)

About the Author

Author Laurie Adair Grove
Author Laurie Adair Grove

It was with great joy that Laurie Adair Grove published her first novel, Crossroads Serenade, in July of 2012. In June of 2014 she celebrated again when the sequel, The Pink Victorian, was published.

Laurie called Montana home for a number of years and loves it still, so she set her two books in a fictitious town in the Big Sky Country.

Some characters in the books are just itching to talk more, Laurie says, so she wouldn’t be surprised if more stories come from the direction of Crossroads, Montana.

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Crossroads Serenade (Laurie Adair Grove)

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