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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

New Indie Book Release: The One, Who Reads In Heads (Marian Turza)

New Indie Book Release:
The One, Who Reads In Heads - Marian Turza
Literary Fiction (150 pages - December 2014)

The One, Who Reads In Heads is a story about the main hero who has an unique gift – he can read in people’s minds. He does not know how, but he could see right into people's heads. A Combination of a thrilling story and surprising plot based on real and historical events, possible mental capabilities of human brain...

About the Book

The One, Who Reads In Heads (Marian Turza)
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Something in me was not right.

I knew it, I felt it. I just did not know what.

In any job, I did not stay long. I hated pervasive hypocrisy and pretense. I do not know how, but I could see right into people - in their heads. I knew I could read their thoughts. But I could not deal with this gift and I was very nervous. Now I know that it is a gift and I'm glad I have it, but once it was not so when I lived poor and alone, without friends, so lonely and desperate on the verge of society.

Until the day, when my life has completely changed...

About the Author

Author Marian Turza
Author Marian Turza
Marian Turza started to write during his studies at high school. The editorial work and the journalism became serious in the second year of secondary school in the newspaper Sport. While still in high school, he went from sports journalism to cultural and social issues, writing and doing interviews with famous celebrities in the weekly magazine Facts and Slovak newspaper. He was actively encouraged by his professor of Slovak language and literature Mrs. Dagmar Varholová.
During his studies at the high school he won the municipal, provincial and national round of literary competition "Europe at School" with his novel "A man of two worlds” and he represented Slovakia at the meeting of national winners in Germany and the Netherlands. His winning story "A man of two worlds” was taking place in Bratislava, Capital of Slovakia in the year of 2500 and this greenhorn novel won among the 35,000 literature works from all over Slovakia. Additionally "A man of two worlds" won a literary award in the "Petržalské súzvuky of Ferko Urbanek".
He worked as a radio editor at Radio Lumen and as a songwriter and actor in the child broadcast "Samson" broadcasted on Slovak TV.
He studied theater arts and theater dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts /VŠMU/ in Bratislava and he attended an author lectures led by professors Bozena Čahojová and Milan Lasica.
In addition to that, he played in "Rover theather" of Jakub Nvota and performed in smaller TV characters in the TV JOJ, TV Markíza, Slovak TV in the series "Panelák", "Kutyil" s.r.o., "Klan", "Detective Kripta" etc., as well as in several TV commercials.
He worked for many years in top management and marketing positions not only in Slovakia, but also in global international companies at home and abroad. For example ESET Ltd., LG Electronics, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London, MATADOR Holding etc.
He founded his own company TURZA Production Ltd., which is oriented on business and marketing consultancy and corporate audit, creative marketing solutions, on-line and digital marketing, events...
After years of working in management positions and temporary separation from art he decided to return to writing stories, music texts, music and poetry.

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